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Extreme Car Driving Simulator est le meilleur simulateur de voiture de l'année 2014, grâce à son moteur réel de la physique avancée
Vous avez toujours voulu essayer un simulateur de voiture de sport? Maintenant, vous pouvez conduire, la dérive et se sentir une voiture de course gratuit!
Soyez un coureur furieux sur une ville entière pour vous. Pas besoin de frein en raison du trafic ou de course d'autres véhicules concurrents, de sorte que vous pouvez effectuer des actions de cascadeurs illégales et courir à toute vitesse sans que la police vous poursuit!

La dérive des épuisements rapides et font n'avait jamais été aussi amusant! Brûler l'asphalte de cette ville monde ouvert!

NOUVEAU: mode checkpoint Mini jeu.
NOUVEAU: Conduisez avec le trafic !!!!!
Plein réel HUD y compris tours, vitesse et vitesse.
ABS, TC et la simulation ESP. Vous pouvez aussi les désactiver!
Explorez un environnement ouvert détaillée monde.
Dommages de voiture réaliste. Planter votre voiture!
La physique précise.
Contrôlez votre voiture avec un volant, un accéléromètre ou les flèches
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Commentaires à propos de Extreme Car Driving Simulator

  •  xhejusp

    xhejusp Good game It's a good game for anyone who likes driving cars or who likes those types of games. There are three terrains - city, airport and off-road. Addictive game at first but after a few games it becomes boring and pointless. Adds for appear but not too often and can be annoying. Should have option for airport transport. It's needs a bit of work. Worth a go!

  •  Dominic54

    Dominic54 Amazing app Fun app. Easily unlock new cars without spending money. People need to sack up and realize that a free app is gonna have ads. Plus, it warns you three seconds in advance of the ad appearing so you don't accidentally click on it. But it's a great game. Not bad

  •  Fitin2Remission

    Fitin2Remission Amazing app Fun app. Easily unlock new cars without spending money. People need to sack up and realize that a free app is gonna have pop up ads. But it warns you three seconds in advance of the pop up ad appearing so you don't accidentally click on it. But it's a great game. Good

  •  pinghai

    pinghai It is amazing game. The only thing that I don't like about is if you installed apk and if you delete it and install it from the Play Store your progress doesn't stay. I had to download apk because it wasn't available for some reason and now I am scared 'cause I have reached over 650 kilometers and it would really suck if I lose all of my progress. Please add save progress feature Go well

  •  salenacoste

    salenacoste Amazing It's a really fun game. The graphics are ok, the missions are fun, and I likes the fact that the cars can take damage. I did see people complaining about the ads however. The way to get rid of those is turn your wifi and 4g data off. Then it's ad free Great!

  •  appextech

    appextech Message To Creators and People I love this game so much I thank the creators of this game and all their hard work! :) But the haters who are saying Graphics Suck To Many ads well shut up haters you ungrateful people just be grateful that u have a game that u have technology Keep it going Creators! I got your guy's is back :) Works great

  •  NewLifeStyles

    NewLifeStyles Suggestion I love the game. I have some suggestions though. 1) make the map bigger 2) More cars 3) more crash effects like when you crash, parts fall off and if it's a very bad crash maybe fire Perfect

  •  prprpr

    prprpr Just one problem Can u plz fix it when u do destruction or radar can we choose our own car because the first car u get is very slippery. If u change this I will 5 star it Marvelous

  •  mingxue4

    mingxue4 Great! Really addictive, you should add more places to go though! Also maybe take down some ads but I love how it tells you before it pops up Worth a go!

  •  Steinbacho5

    Steinbacho5 Minireview I enjoyed playing this time waster. It has a very interesting concept and a decent amount ot replayability. The controls, for me, are basic but function well so that is a plus without having to deal with pressing the wrong thing. There is not a lot to do but it does add a bit of variety to the small options we have. The clipping and vehicle handling is well above average which is surprising to me. It isnt too demanding of my phone with a sense of realism. Add a controller and id say its a nice pc indie game Awesome

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