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En gardant en place avec des amis est plus rapide que jamais.

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تحميل برنامج فيس بوك للموبايل المحمول Facebook

تحميل برنامج الفيس بوك عربي : إن تنزيل برنامج فيس بوك للهاتف المحمول الاندرويد والايفون والبلاك بيري على جوالك يمنحك أشهر تطبيق تواصل اجتماعي، حيث يعتبر تطبيق الفيس بوك Facebook App من أكثر تطبيقات التواصل الاجتماعي في العالم إستخداما ويتبع لشركة الفيسبوك Facebook، فهو الشبكة الإجتماعية التي تصلك ببقية العالم، بفضل تنزيل فيس بوك على الجوال لأجهزة الأندرويد والايفون والبلاكبيري يمكنك القيام بكل شيء تقريباً من الدخول الى فيس بوك الصفحة الشخصية الخاصة بك، ونشر منشورات سواء صورة او نص او حتى فيديو ، وكذلك يتيح لك تسجيل الدخول في فيس بوك والمشاركة مع الاصدقاء بوضع لايك او التعليق على منشور او حتى مشاركته، ومن أي مكان تذهب إليه تستطيع التواصل مع الاصدقاء من خلال تطبيق الفايسبوك، ويتميز هذا التطبيق بالسهولة والمرونه في التعامل لذلك ننصح بتحميل تطبيق فيس بوك Facebook mobile من رابط التحميل بالاسفل.

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Commentaires à propos de Facebook

  •  londes

    londes Update after every 4,5 days?? C'mon fb team, what kind of improvements are being done after every damn 4,5 days? Its exact same speed after past 6,7 updates. Dont waste our important Internet Data on such updates. Please update your app when any major issue comes. Dont provide business to ISPs. Great job

  •  munishkumar

    munishkumar Just dies before opening Works sporadically, but keeps losing track of my Internet connection and thinks I am offline. If i stop the app and restart it, its ok for a few minutes. My other apps do not do this. They are aware that i have a working Internet connection. I am installing the update. I keep hoping one will come along that will resolve this annoyance. Otherwise, the app works well. Worth a go!

  •  AllonsStar

    AllonsStar I love the app honestly i do but lately i havent been because everytime i go to notifications i cant refresh them because it says i cant connect right now it does it when i go into groups and events aswell whats up with that? My internet runs good with every other app except yours. Why you trippin facebook. Anyone else having this trouble is it my phone i have a galaxy s6 so idk :/ please update asap fb.. cheers Highly Recommend.

  •  usanfl63

    usanfl63 Silly people... Facebook isn't spying on you... it uses the same permissions that almost every single other app uses ...did you bother to look before you start the lie that Facebook is trying to spy on you... I'm pretty sure if the creators have better things to do than spy on the average person.... Good

  •  Offshorecomm

    Offshorecomm Issues with loading newer feeds It works fine as it normally should only problem I have with it is that it tends to not load and newer post my friends have made recently. It also cannot connect to some pages for no reason. Hoping the future updates makes it more compatible for the Galaxy 7 Edge. Pretty good

  •  buzz1198

    buzz1198 Man, dislike the "auto close" of the comment section while I am scrolling. I go to the very bottom and -boom- it closes the comments for me. I scrolled through my options to figure out if I can cancel that feature but unfortunately couldn't figure it out :/ Great job

  •  HoraceH

    HoraceH Download is ridiculously slow Took over 10 min on my tablet. Just updated a week or so ago and now have another update. App itself is handy but does not always work well in tablet or phone. Go well

  •  lucyronaldo

    lucyronaldo Good but.. Why u always do a uptades and nothing happens?? Just using more storage and making me delet all apps I have????? + pleeaaaase I Want the first emijos back. I hated this emijos... You can make a vote on face book on which emijo is better and see and please if you made an uptade make any thing change. Works great

  •  HealthConnection

    HealthConnection Most recent never works right Everytime I change my feed to most recent it shows me posts from days ago. I have to scroll down. Then all the way up the refresh it. Then it will show like 2 or 3 recent posts. I also don't like how the news feed can't be changed to most recent and is always "top stories" Perfect!

  •  BreelpZek

    BreelpZek Like Always Awesome Pls add 1 more EMOJI along with likes that represents kiss symbol pls if u do so i would for sure give a 5 star.. THANKING U ON ANTICIPATION. Fix a bug... im not able 2 select the sad emoji on my own post that is a status pls Flawless

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