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Farm Animals for Toddler is an educational app consisting of brain training puzzles, simple bubble shooter games, cute animal jigsaws, animal cards with animations and animal photos. It is an ideal app for parents who wants to teach kids animals and to amuse them with simple but funny kids games. Moreover, we have added piano to help toddlers learn sounds and musical notes very basically. Farm Animals for Toddler was just a flashcard app at the very beginning. However, we have developed it so meticulously and deeply that it is an education kit, now! Thanks to its friendly user interface design and language optimization, everyone can use it easily. It is more and more popular for families because just one app includes various educational tools for toddlers and kids by itself. Our educational app includes everything to make toddlers and kids learn and love animals. There are jigsaw puzzles, farm games, and animal videos for kids to have fun and to learn at the same time! When you open it, you see 5 categories: Cards, Puzzles, Balloons, Videos, and Piano.Cards: On the front face of each card, there is a cute picture animation of a farm animal. You hear the sounds of the animal simultaneously. So, the kids can recognize the voices of the farm animals. On the other face, there is an animal photo to show kids the real images of the animals. Tap on the play button to hear how animal names are spelled in English, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, German, or French.You find farm and wild animals like chicken, goose, pony, rooster, dog, duck, cow, donkey, pig, bee, turkey, lamb, sheep, chick, bull, mule, goat, horse, bison.These cards are suitable to 1-3 year kids. Toddlers and kids can learn the names of animals in their own language and even in some other languages. The aim of the app is to make easy the learning of the farm animal sounds, spellings and shapes for toddlers.Puzzles:For 2- 4 year kids, we have added simple jigsaw puzzles of animals like donkey, chicken, pig, sheep, dog, duck, chick, cow, horse. Children can recognize the body parts of the animals thanks to these puzzles.Balloons: It is a kind of simple farm game that 2-6 year kids can play easily. This game has been prepared to help kids and toddlers see the difference between animals like donkey, dog, goat, pig, horse, duck, chicken, cow. Kids will blast bubbles to rescue animals from the flying balloons. They try to pick goats among various animals, for example by blasting bubbles.Videos: Animal videos catch kids' eyes. By watching videos of animals like donkey, sheep, horse, cow, pig, chicken; kids can learn animals and their habitats. Piano:Music training is very essential to kids. Kids who have developed music abilities will be more successful in social and scientific branches. Therefore, we've designed a very simple piano to entertain and to develop imagination of kids. Additionally, there are sounds of animals like chick, chicken, cow, donkey, duck, goat, goose, pig, and sheep over piano keyboard.Features:- An education kit with many education tools for kids- Select any language you like: English, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, French and German- Menu: Cards, Puzzles, Balloons, Videos, Piano- Two sided flashcards prepared to contribute to the kid education- Brain training jigsaw puzzles for preschoolers- Mini balloon blast and rescue animal games for fun- Animal videos to show animals in their habitats- Piano where kids tap on keyboard to create simple melody- Farm animal shapes and cute images- Farm animal sounds- English, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, French and German spellings of the animal names- The educational content appropriate to the toddlers and kids (1 to 6 year children)- Animals: chick, chicken, cow, dog, donkey, duck, goat, goose, horse, lamb, pig, pigeon, pony, rooster, sheep, turkey, bull, mule, bee Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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  •  ommeperrt88

    ommeperrt88 Keep the money - I found something better Uninstalled because I bought apps which work better. No language changes, game changes, etc. Plus this game requires far too much personal info. The new free game I downloaded requires no permissions and has better graphics. Go well

  •  lawrencedurh820

    lawrencedurh820 Never load up I would try to trim it on for my daughter and it would just be immediately shut right off as if I never tried in the first place

  •  wccodc

    wccodc Son loves it but... Videos don't work, and that's his favorite feature (some of them work on my wife's S4). Also, animal names (like rooster) should probably be spelled right in an educational app for kids. Using on a Galaxy S5. Perfect

  •  eccoluomo

    eccoluomo My son loves it The game is worth buying but can you please spell rooster correctly since mm y son is learning from this? Awesome

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