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Scott Cawthon

De nouveau la peur dans Freddy's

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Cinq Nuits à Freddy's 2 est un jeu d'horreur à la première personne dans lequel les joueurs vont accepter un emploi dans le célèbre Pizería de la Famille de Freddy, dans lequel quelques gentils robots de distraire les plus petits pendant les repas. Le problème: la nuit, les robots comportement un peu étrange.

Le travail de l'acteur consistera dans le suivi de Freddy et ses amis tout au long de la nuit à travers les caméras de sécurité. Oui, en raison de problèmes de budget, donc nous avons seulement une petite quantité d'électricité que nous utilisons tous les soirs, et si vous êtes juste... et bien nous allons être laissés à la merci de Freddy et ses amis, que, dans cette seconde partie sont plus nombreux et plus agressifs que jamais.

Les contrôles de Cinq Nuits à Freddy's 2 sont très simples. À tout moment, les joueurs seront en mesure de fermer la porte de sécurité de la chambre afin de vous protéger, même si cela consomme beaucoup d'électricité. De la même manière, vous pouvez aller à la modification d'une caméra de surveillance à votre caprice, quelque chose qui si bien consommera de l'énergie, de ne pas dépenser autant.

Cinq Nuits à Freddy's 2 est un jeu de peur que, malgré une prémisse inhabituelle, vous obtenez pour donner plus de peur. Dans cette version gratuite du jeu, oui, nous ne pouvons donc jouer la première nuit... plus que suffisant pour savourer la terreur et les surprises qui nous attendent dans la version complète du jeu.
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Commentaires à propos de Five Nights at Freddy's 2

  •  smidgestiriug

    smidgestiriug It is a some can u mack five nights at Freddy's 3 wow lol

  •  Mowaxolor

    Mowaxolor Awesome! Scott read this! I'm a fnaf fan. I love it and I want to know everything about it. I played the demo. It was scary. Toy Freddy was in the office, but suddenly, 6:00 am! I made it through the whole night! Scott, be my friend and please tell me all the secrets about fnaf! *This message is © and nothing in this comment should be used in other comments. Thank you.P.S. © means copyright.* Recommend

  •  bettybrigade

    bettybrigade AWESOME! I don't know what you guys are saying, but there is no bugs. Everything is fixed. This game is awesome. I almost died, because it was right close to me in the doorway. I put on the mask and finish the level. So there's only one night, maybe at the second night and that's it. I would rate it 5 stars if you added the second night. But still, the gym Spears look real, statics are awesome, and everything amazing. Well done!!

  •  guergelerce

    guergelerce It's so scary One time i was playing it inside my car (im a kid)i got jumpscared by foxy the pirate fox.So please add a peaceful animatonic that doesnt let other one's in the office.Oh yeah and make it build door's and if you don't i'll delete it. (im not lying).i play On the full game. Omg

  •  AbdulHajj

    AbdulHajj This is the best game! Its way better than the first game because there's more anamictronics! Moreover instead of doors you get the hall and vents also you have to flash your light at foxy to get him away. You also have a mask to make chica,boany,mango,balloons boy, and Freddy. Mary and net is creepy as hell because she's kinda like Freddy in the first one like I mean she comes at you randomly like Freddy in the last one. Works great

  •  hlckmooevk

    hlckmooevk LOL best horror game ever!! Chica: Crawling in the air Vents. Bonnie: In the party room. Me: Switching through all the Camera's... Forgetting too rewind the music box... Also having fun with the Freddy mask...(Taking it off and on lol) Marionette: Jumped right in front of my Screen and Scareing the sh_ _ out of meh... Best moment of my Freaken life... √√√ My Seal of Approval. ^~^ love it

  •  Hiftcistzef

    Hiftcistzef It'll help you All you really have to do is keep checking cam 11 and wind up the box. Also check the lights in your office.. Just a heads up bonnie doesn't move until like 2 o'clock (bonnie is blue) for me I didn't get scared. Cuz my volume was down.. That kind of calmed me down a bit more, I mean. My heart was pounding but hey I beat it and I can finally say I've accomplished something in my life. I gave it five stars cuz I played this game actually both the first and the second and I'm getting ready to beat the first... Recommend

  •  oider567

    oider567 It is a some can u mack five nights at Freddy's 3 Awesome

  •  ecqddy

    ecqddy So cool,I WANT TO HUG THEM!! So fun and cool ,but i want to see more animatronics because i want a GOOD JUMPSCARE FROM NO-FACE BONNIE. My brother is so scared when he puts the mask on he wont even wind up the music box. I,on the other hand,take risk. Smart.The Animatronics are very cute. Surprisingly

  •  qysiivni

    qysiivni THIS GAME IS AMAZING The first time I played it I died to toy BONNIE . TIP bonnie is always gets off of the showstage first then chica then possibly freddy. TIP bonnie goes to the right air vent while chica goes to the left chica will also go to the main hall.P.S freddy leaves the stage and goes to the main hall his path I don't know Perfect

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