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Sauter d'un étage à l'autre en esquivant les pointes

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یک بازی تفننی بی پایان با رویکردی جدید، از طبقه ای به طبقه دیگر بروید و از روی موانع نوک تیز بپرید. این طبقات هیچ گاه تمام نمیشوند! همچنین میتوانید یاقوت های سرخ سر راهتان را هم بردارید و از آنها برای باز کردن قفل بیش از 30 کاراکتر دیگر بازی نیز استفاده کنید. انجام این بازی نیز بسیار ساده است. اگر میخواهید کوتاه بپرید کافی است فقط صفحه نمایشگر را لمس کنید و اگر میخواهید بلندتر بپرید انگشت تان را روی صفحه نگه دارید. فکر میکنید تا کجا بتوانید پیش بروید؟   Mostram as palavras do Editor:
planchers de traduction, les étages bar, planchers de paris, étage décor de beloeil, étage décor tunisie, plancher de mathématiques, plancher et de la décoration, étage php

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Commentaires à propos de Floors

  •  bayshorecove123

    bayshorecove123 DIFFICULT!! Its easy to get diamonds because I've only had it 10mins and I've got 5 characters already but it is so difficult making sure the man don't hit the spikes Perfect

  •  detox21

    detox21 ... I can only get past 10 and its annoying it gets way too quick at 15 could you please take the speed under consideration and decrease it? Id really appreciate it. Great!

  •  ecxp7250

    ecxp7250 Amazing game!!!! Absolutely amazing, extremely addictive and very well made! Love all the characters and costumes, BUT I had the joker then he turned into black box man-which is extremely annoying! Please fix because he is one of my favourite characters! Recommend

  •  dispatchcleaners

    dispatchcleaners Addictive,Fun, & Challenging Did I mention that it was Addictive, Fun, & Challenging? Oh I did? Well it's really Addictive, Fun, & Challenging... Lol Worth a go!


    PRITHVI30DY Offline I've been looking for offline games since I take the train and no I don't like candy crush and sub surfers etc like game these are simple yet satisfing Perfect

  •  douglasspenc513

    douglasspenc513 I love this game it's really addicting fun great hard amazing i really enjoy playing it so I suggest everybody downloads it and it really tests your stratagey Pretty good

  •  roxanne2

    roxanne2 I could choose any character I want(well the game mostly) everytime I go up to 100 red ruby diamonds! Just wow

  •  whizchef

    whizchef Amazing Simple but complex game, fun to play when bored and quite challenging at the beginning but still simply great Good

  •  scottyholder512

    scottyholder512 I wait every week for the new game to come out. And this one wasn't the best. I feel there is too much going on. I feel it would be more enjoyable by the simple mechanic if you coming out the same side every time. You don't need it to speed up, have 4 floors, have 2 jump types, and never know what way you are coming out on which floor. It's too difficult. I love the character selection and the amount of time to unlock the next character. Over all is alright wow lol

  •  augustinepor1230

    augustinepor1230 I pretty much like the game except for the fact that when there is one spike a good bit of space and then another spike, by the time you have landed for the first spike youd you keep running. then when you have to jump for the next spike you have already run into it and died. Omg

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