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Prenez votre croissant et obtenir votre moustache prêt pour cette nouvelle aventure à travers 52 niveaux divertissants. Le Monde de français est un jeu de plate-forme classique qui allie l'ancien jeu de l'école de jouer avec la jouabilité moderne. Exécutez autour de 3 univers différents et plusieurs types de scénarios et de recueillir autant de pièces que vous le pouvez. Éviter les ennemis et essayer de terminer tous les niveaux dans le temps.
Télécharger World Français maintenant! C'est un jeu amusant pour tout le monde. Essayez-le et profitez-en!


- Puissant Croissant Gathering!
- 3 mondes.
- 78 niveaux de difficulté croissante.
- Différents ennemis à affronter.
- Beaucoup de baguettes!
- Style classique jeu de plateforme.

Grab your croissant and get your moustache ready for this new adventure throughout 52 entertaining levels. French’s World is a classic platform game that combines old school game play with modern playability. Run around 3 different worlds and several kind of scenarios and gather as many coins as you can. Avoid enemies and try to complete every level in time.
Download French’s World now! It’s a fun game for everyone. Try it out and enjoy!


- Mighty Croissant Gathering!
- 3 worlds.
- 78 levels of increasing difficulty.
- Different enemies to face.
- Lots of Baguettes!
- Classic platform game style. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de French's World

  •  ufumrotgbxp

    ufumrotgbxp Well a very nice game. Controls are pretty sensitive. But Having bugs with a few missions. 3 stars for now. Will give a 5 star when the bugs are fixed :) Fabulous!

  •  exroypyeh

    exroypyeh I love it ....... but why is level 3 sooo hard and i think theres no more levels like level 4 or 5 is coming soon but i really love this game Go well

  •  lfmncrzpoq

    lfmncrzpoq Fun game like mario but more times than not he won't jump when I press jump and I know it's not my phone cuz it's new phone otherwise fun game can u please fix the bug Superb!

  •  Back2comfort

    Back2comfort Loved it. This game is awesome. Like as mario. This game is bring my childhood memories back. I just love it.

  •  wjlfqhk

    wjlfqhk HELMA عععععععععععااااااااااااااااااللللللللللللللللللایییییییی بهتر ازاین نیست

  •  myonlineclimb

    myonlineclimb TOO MANY ADS The ads are pretty annoying. And there is no End to Level T in World 1. It goes back to where it started. Please fix as I can't go to other levels without completing this one. Go well

  •  manishswami

    manishswami Wow nice game Please tell how can I clear World 3-W stage ? I am trying but i didnt clear this stage :( .......Its really very interesting game. I will give 100 STARS for you. Please make more world and stages of this game very soon.

  •  annuacila

    annuacila Nice game but the screen gets cut from above I use Samsung Galaxy A7 and I am facing this problem since day one. I keep losing out in the game as the screen from above is not visible complete. I guess it is because of the advertisement displaying above. Can you do something about it. Perfect

  •  fagyjfwqwji

    fagyjfwqwji Best ever but I love this game but very upset that i cant continue after 2-z. Whats happening pls fix asap

  •  FMoore

    FMoore Wooooow Perfect game I love this so much; I wish to all installed it...... perfect,perfect,perfect... special_special_special_ nice;nice;nice

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