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Montrer que vous êtes le meilleur ninja de coupe tous les fruits qui s'affiche sur votre écran.

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Fruit Ninja Freees un divertido juego con el que podrás divertirte tú y todos tus amigos. Es un juego muy adictivo al que te costará muy poco acostumbrarte.

EnFruit Ninja Freetendrás que cortar con tu katana todas las frutas que aparezcan en la pantalla de tu teléfono. Los controles son muy simples de usar, ya que sólo deberás deslizar los dedos por la pantalla y cortar toda la fruta que te llegue. Es apto para cualquier usuario, pues es muy divertido y simple de usar.

Fruit Ninja Freetambién te permitirá compartir todas tus puntuaciones con los contactos de las redes sociales en las que tengas perfil y compararlas con las de otros jugadores. Fruit Ninja Freeincluye varios niveles y varios tipos de juegos, de manera que no te aburras al segundo día; podrás jugar en modo libre o en modo normal.

Fruit Ninja Freeofrece una banda Sonora bastante pegadiza y el diseño de los escenarios ha sido bien cuidado y trabajado, ofreciendo diseños luminosos y de gran calidad. No lo dudes y descarga Fruit Ninja Freeen tu Android para empezar a divertirte más. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Fruit Ninja Free

  •  electronic4

    electronic4 Disappointed But there is a problem I have defeated rowan the last ghost and captured 50 ghosts but I got nothing no new blade and no new dojo so please fix it fast before the event is finished Superb!

  •  swathikumar

    swathikumar Thanks for making it My whole family loved it .. And there is a funny thing that my mother says I wanna to eat these fruits .. But I have a problem why should we spend 1200 tokens gust for a blade.. And the girl in daily challange is too difficult to win from ..! Flawless

  •  kmspvqf

    kmspvqf Good Graphics Well! To those who complain about the game.....You just have to have WiFi cause its takes lot of mb.....Buh if u can risk it .....use ur mobile data. Surprisingly

  •  iopacftsg

    iopacftsg Addictive! How do you pass level 30? Been playing this game for a while now and there doesn't seem to be a point to playing after you've reached the max. Getting slightly board with it. Once you reach level 30, you stop earning golden apples too. The only way to earn them is to watch an advertisement! Also, the rewards don't always get rewarded. For example, the one in Zen to do a combo after the time is up. I've done the combo many times after the time is up, but never have been rewarded the stars. When you choose to skip a certain reward, sometimes it'll skip the wrong one! (Like one I've almost completed.) Some rewards don't even exist in the game. For example, slicing fruit with the Benjamin Blade. That's not a blade on my version. I try to skip it when it comes up, but often, the wrong reward gets removed, so I have to do it again. This could be a really great game, but there are too many problems and not enough goals. Great!

  •  Narthica

    Narthica Nice,but bugs The new features are very cool,but I encountered a bug when I want to exit the app: nothing happens! I have to reset the device in order to get to my homescreen. Maybe it's a HTC thing,it's the second time I update the app on an HTC device (different phones) and it has bugs. Works perfectly

  •  xqtidlwgxjc

    xqtidlwgxjc Good overall My only issue is that it says that I'm not connected to the Internet but I'm. I've restarted my device several times and still tells me I'm not connected to the internet. Please advice! Fabulous!

  •  zaneprice428

    zaneprice428 Good It is so good, you must install it. It just the ghost buster I don't like it so annoying sometimes the fruit are a lot and it's hard to catch the ghost else it's good. wow lol

  •  objzqjsy

    objzqjsy Great game Great game but in the new update it says NEW Ghost busters update but there was already a ghost buster update. It also says that there's a new ghost buster blade but i already have it from the other update. Just saying. Recommend

  •  kpmnhko

    kpmnhko Bad graphics I love this game and I am playing it from one or an half month. The graphics should be more satisfied and the tutorial and the thing for being read should be easy for the player.. Thanks... Pretty good

  •  Franco

    Franco Fun but... Fun game but, there is always something going wrong when collecting power ups and apples and the freezing mid swing is not a good thing either. Highly Recommend.

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