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Lovely Game

Vous obtenez des points en éliminant les fruits par couplage du même type

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Versão: 10.6.9
Tamanho: 14.05MB


Fruit Splash يك بازی پازل بسیار اعتیاد آور است! خطوط رنگارنگ از میوه را به هم متصل كنيد  و اين پازل ماجراجویانه را حل كنيد .  ویژگی ها: - ميوه هاي رنگارنگ و زنده - آسان برای یادگیری، سخت براي حرفه اي ها - امكان رقابت جهاني -  دو حالت بازی: پازل و بازی سبک بازی:  ژله اي، مکعب آب.   Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Fruit Splash

  •  MazdaofCoolSprings

    MazdaofCoolSprings The best game Please join more levels in the game because l completed all 250 level. Iam completely addictive to this game even my two children makes me to suffer in their and other household work. I really love love love this game very much 5 star

  •  bjsilva21

    bjsilva21 Fruit splash It is so awesome you should try it out. I love it so much and so much fun you will not want to stop playing the game once you start playing Omg

  •  nvijayn

    nvijayn Not a bad game Did find an issue where on board 25 classic mode, if there are no available moves and the game switches pieces, the key needed to unlock disappears Great!

  •  MoniQJdcm

    MoniQJdcm Pretty good :) I love the game. Its fun. However I don't like how the app drains my battery.. fast. Even using it a few minutes my battery just is gone. Other than that I like the game :) Great job

  •  usotgtppotn

    usotgtppotn I am at level 48 and have to wait continuously for fruit to get reloaded since squares disappear before I can get anywhere. Its like this throughout classic fruit splash and it isnt a lovely game. Fix level 48 Perfect

  •  frankphifer

    frankphifer Waiting for a update Very challenging I'm done with level 250 when is the other levels coming? Me and my colleague challenge each other we are waiting......... Perfect

  •  olzcsd6

    olzcsd6 Fruit splash Excellent fun.really makes you think as the levels are really tough once you get past lvl 15.i can't put my fone down once i start as its very addictive and makes you want to keep playing until you complete the level Worth a go!

  •  CloughBlutt

    CloughBlutt Love it It is so addictive and easy to play every time I'm mad I have to play this and then I'm happy again Awesome

  •  zisgosvlrtr

    zisgosvlrtr Lovely Its amazing I just love playing this game and fast also bt some tyms its rilly slow love it

  •  flthu1

    flthu1 Enjoyable but needs improvement I enjoy this game, but when the fruits shuffle due to no possible combinations, the key to unlock the cage disappears and I can no longer move further unless I restart the level. Please fix this issue and I'll give you a 5*. Thanks. Well done!!

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