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Sauter et voler votre chemin à travers de danger à ce rythme-action basé sur le jeu de plates-formes!

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Aller et voler votre chemin à travers le danger dans ce jeu de plateforme action basée sur le rythme!

Préparez-vous à un défi presque impossible dans le monde de la géométrie Dash. Poussez vos compétences à la limite que vous sautez, volez et retournez votre chemin à travers des passages dangereux et les obstacles hérissés.

Simple jeu de jeu à une touche avec beaucoup de niveaux que vous allez vous amuser pendant des heures!

Caractéristiques du jeu

• Rythme-basé action Platforming!
• Beaucoup de niveaux avec des bandes sonores uniques!
• Construire et partager vos propres niveaux en utilisant l'éditeur de niveau!
• Débloquez de nouvelles icônes et de couleurs pour personnaliser votre personnage!
• Fly roquettes, la gravité bascule et bien plus encore!
• Utilisez le mode de pratique pour aiguiser vos compétences!
• Beaucoup de réalisations et récompenses!
• achats Aucune in-app!
• Défiez-vous avec la quasi impossible!

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Commentaires à propos de Geometry Dash

  •  hfmwvdqndl

    hfmwvdqndl ONE OF THE BEST GAMES EVER This is an EPIC game I just don't believe it there are over probably 9000 stages wait there's over that and that's epic and u can also create ur own stage too! Thx RobTop. Also please update this game 2.1 it's been a long time! And Please Rate my state Gorefest! Great!

  •  wickymendoza

    wickymendoza Awesome, but There's a little glitch in some stages like theory of everything, and blast processing, where the music isn't in complete sync, and it's off by a split second. Also it says it can't record on my device, so can you fix that too, please? Other than that, it's a great game with challenging levels and a great soundtrack! Keep up the good work, Robtop! Surprisingly

  •  rickie11hale

    rickie11hale This game is far too amazing, outstanding, and far beyond words. As such, it has made it to my favourite game over all other apps I have, even when I am a very strict person when talking about my favourite game. However, I switched devices and decided to save to the server and then load the data. MOST of the data were loaded, not all. Please load custom objects into the server please as I have to build all my custom things again. Other than this minor issue, thanks Robtop for coming up with this awesome game! Works perfectly


    ELEKTRARECORDS This game is great! I've been looking for a game to play while I am out and about and let me tell you that this game is perfect! It has plenty of levels so I don't burn through them too quickly and it's lots of fun to play. It is great for all ages and is not too challenging so you give up, but it is definitely one you need to get used to. All in all you get two thumbs up. Great job

  •  spreadyourbi

    spreadyourbi Awesome but... Awesome levels, awesome game, awesome people. Thought this game was pretty cool. But I have no idea how to activate my account. I went on to account help or something like that and it told me to put in my username, password, and a verification code. I typed it all in but what does it do?! It tells me that the verification code was incorrect even though I checked multiple times to be sure that it was correct. I even made sure that I typed in my password and username correctly. Please help by replying... Recommend

  •  gseoonekk

    gseoonekk ONE OF THE BEST GAMES EVER This is an EPIC game I just don't believe it there are over probably 9000 stages wait there's over that and that's epic and u can also create ur own stage too! Thx RobTop. Also please update this game 2.1 it's been a long time! But it won't allow me to make an account with my email! I will rate 5 Great!

  •  Varsha1

    Varsha1 Love it SOOOOO fun, very addictive and super amazing. I love creating your own levels and adding friends, the levels are challenging but fun. The only thing is it sometimes (rarely) deletes what progress you completed in the last time you went on but that doesn't stop how great the game is! Deserves 5 stars. :D love it

  •  kpawfz

    kpawfz Best app ever! Soooooo fun and exciting. Especially Electrodynamix. Music is awesome! I even got a level maker. I highly recommend it to you. I'm sure that the company is the best of luck. My friends will download it and make their own levels. All of this for only $1.99. P.S. I love the creeper face cube. And I changed my profile skin lol :p Pretty good

  •  qongsooaf

    qongsooaf Addictive I have played Geometry Dash 4 months now and I thought it deserved a rating Superb!

  •  jwkxmnh

    jwkxmnh The best game ever!!!! I love this game sooo much, but please fix the lagg on my phone. Samasung Galaxy Go Prime, is also called the grand prime, it stop saying that im pressing down in the middle of a level for me.. plz fix this it would be greatly appreciated Great!

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