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Natenai Ariyatrakool

Glow Hockey offre un nouveau style de jeu de hockey. Facile à jouer, difficile à maîtriser.

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Versão: 1.2.19
Tamanho: 10M


Heureuse nouvelle année avec le nouveau thème "Noël" !!!

Glow Hockey offre un nouveau style de jeu de hockey. Facile à jouer, difficile à maîtriser. Relevez le défi avec les des adversaires de l'ordinateur!

+ Mode (sur le même appareil) 2-joueur.
+ 2 pour huawei.
+ Des graphismes colorés de préchauffage.
+ Jeu agréable et réactive jeu.
+ Physique réaliste.
+ le Mode de lecture rapide (seulement), relevez le défi avec 4 niveaux de difficulté (facile à fou).
+ 4 palettes et les rondelles sélectionnables.
+ Vibreur lorsque mais.
+ Support presque tous les appareils Android pour MIPS, x86, armeabi et armeabi-V7A.

Voir la Vidéo du jeu: http://www.natenai.com/iphone/glow_hockey Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Glow Hockey

  •  flatsfishr

    flatsfishr Very good game. I had been searching for it. Real physics and metal sound makes it a great fun to play game. You may constantly defeat your opponent in 2 player or Computer mode and get loos in the next round. Ver great time pass. Worth it!

  •  makemyfilm

    makemyfilm At first it lagged, but... Then I closed and opened the app and it didn't lag at all for some reason. Aside from that, a really fun game. wow lol

  •  vinutrition

    vinutrition Awesome Game This game is probably about as simple as it gets, but sometimes that's all you need. This game is a kind of meditation, both allowing me to focus and unwind at the same time. There are ads in the free version, but it's not unplayable. Any more would be, but the current amount is okay. The game goes from easy to challenging, but the "insane" mode is not impossible like others have suggested. It takes strategy, skill, and a little luck. Just got my first perfect on insane after two years of casual playing! Great job

  •  conciergemd

    conciergemd : ) ;D I would make it full star but it still needs something else on tne game like friends VS friends like a battle Not bad

  •  dbtgjupkn

    dbtgjupkn It's like lagging When i move Paddles it's like a robot one step by one step and not straight away it move to that location please fixed it and i will rate it 5. Awesome

  •  unfinueniplox

    unfinueniplox Glitch Sometimes it won't let me move my puck(it happens when you need it) also who ever designed the difficulty on easy and medium is stupid and reatarted. Good

  •  bsse908

    bsse908 Awesome I always enjoy playing it . If I play 10 matches in INSANE level I win 7 . I just simply love it. One of my all time favaourite games. Enjoy it!

  •  wqzqcghyjg

    wqzqcghyjg Great game Gud game and if u have a problem with the adds popping up the turn the wife off it will stop the adds from appearing. Hope that helped.if it still doesn't work then there is a virus on your mobile or device you are using. Cool

  •  yjmahppglroj

    yjmahppglroj Online Mode This game is good but the only thing which is making it worst is that it doesn't have online mode! It would be so fun and challenging if we can play online with other people from world! Also Add trophy system like Clash Royale! Enjoy it!

  •  andy819

    andy819 Great game I agree to many ads. Then I end up losing because the computer person gets a goal Awesome

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