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thème Rose Sucré pour GO SMS Pro hne maintenant disponible! Conçu et développé par SMS GO Dev Team. Mignon, doux, rose, imaginaire, ce qui est plus, ce thème intègre une police adaptée (Besoin du soutien de la dernière version de GO SMS Pro), suggèrent le téléchargement de la police afin de rendre le thème plus agréable.

1. Ce n'est pas une application autonome, vous devez télécharger la dernière version de GO SMS Pro application, afin de d'appliquer ce thème. (Recherche "GO SMS Pro" pour télécharger)

2. Versez appliquer le thème au sein de GO SMS Pro, le télécharger à partir de Menu-> Thème (ou plug-in UI-> Boutique Thème). Après téléchargé, il sérums affiché dans "Installé Thème" Onglet, cliquez sur et l'appliquer.

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Commentaires à propos de GO SMS Pro Pink Sweet theme

  •  investingblack

    investingblack Fontttt The font doesnt work in my phone! I downloaded this app maining bc of its cute theme and fonts! Muito bom!

  •  flapgudfj

    flapgudfj LOVE IT!!! I'm so crazy about this I even recommended this app to my girl friends. Now, I can't wait for my family & friends to text me so I could use my new pink SMS theme often! Hehe! Amazing!

  •  Adultweelt

    Adultweelt It's a very cute theme! At first, I thought it's not cute or pretty enough. But when I already used it as my Go SMS Theme, I have realized that it's very cute and kikay. Good

  •  kinccoeme

    kinccoeme Pink sweet When you get it download it won't apply and when I turn my phone on in the morning It's gone. Recommend

  •  HotLiveJasminShows

    HotLiveJasminShows Very cute.! Very cute theme. Easy to read and easy to install. Didn't need to go through extra steps to get this.. Recommend to get GO SMS Pro Pink Sweet theme APK.

  •  frpproducts

    frpproducts nice cute and pink can change the font and all love the cute girly themes make mofe cupcakes diamonds candy bows and stuff this one doesnt look cheesy and its well put together professional looking.. this theme puts many others to shame Pretty good

  •  Techie

    Techie I love it! Thank really beautiful and sweet theme i give u 5 star hopeful more theme at here. Recommend to install GO SMS Pro Pink Sweet theme APK.

  •  livetvliveca

    livetvliveca So kawaii and it works! At first it can be a little confusing but once you tweak the settings it is so fun and easy! I really love this theme please make a purple cute theme next! I love the Japanese flair. Also the privacy mode is so useful I especially love how you can change the tab name so it's harder for anyone to pry! Overall best thing I've done with my phone since instagram! So girly! Fabulous!

  •  dolius

    dolius Love! This theme is so super cute and I don't ever notice ads lurking around. If you love cute, get this!! Pretty good

  •  therenocoach

    therenocoach Help I luv it! But I don't know hw to uninstall the gopop up. I want bk the pinky one :( Anyone know? Great job

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