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Une maison pour toutes vos photos et vidéos, organisé et à la recherche.

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Google Photos - Aplikasi yang menjadi rumah untuk semua foto dan video di smartphone kamu. Google Photos otomatis terorganisir dan mencari foto yang ada di smartphone kamu, kamu dapat mencari foto dengan cepat. Ini adalah galeri yang dapat me-manage data foto di smatrphone kamu.

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Commentaires à propos de Google Photos

  •  gilbertozapata

    gilbertozapata Amazing This piece of software makes touchwiz gallery look really basic.Once again google executes an idea wonderfully. I have, because of various reasons, had to replace my desktop PC, my laptop PC, my television, everything in fact, with my flagship android mobile phone (samsung galaxy s6edge+). This has only been made possible by Google and their near perfect software suite. If google needs any pointers on what they should do to make a phone a realistic replacement for everything I'd be glad to give some tips Highly Recommend.

  •  GuideToSchools

    GuideToSchools Amazing app. Been using it for a while now and always a sure way to get lost photos from a broken for or anything. Easily accessible and fun to use once you play around with it for a bit. I recommend it if you don't mind the app doing random animation and editing photos to make some look amazing and just do things for you so you don't have to. But then again you can always turn the setting off Awesome

  •  dbaub720

    dbaub720 Love it! I truly do love Google Photos! Especially the Assistant! Only negative feedback is important Cabot seem to share any movies or gifs. They revert to still pictures when I try. I have reached out to Google and have yet to hear back about it. Surprisingly

  •  vwnkmooeqk

    vwnkmooeqk Can't imagine photos without Google Photos! Google Photos is awesome! I love the Assistant, always sends me cool stuff automatically. Now, when I want a panoramic photo, all I have to do is take a good series of photos and my Assistant does the rest and emails it to me later that day, amazing! Can't imagine photos without Google Photos exclamation point! Just wow

  •  hzyw6041

    hzyw6041 The ultimate new generation picasa Amazing app. I just come back home upload everything. I use four to five devices and have access to these from all of them. And guess what google photos has sone kind of AI which pics similar photos making collages and animations. Surprisingly

  •  DTParenting

    DTParenting Download problem It was brilliant & awesomely useful app before the recent update. Now I am unable to download most of my photos which were backuped. When I download, it asks to open via browser / html view & is nowhere in gallery or can't be open as an image. Please help as before the update I was able to download all. Marvelous

  •  fwijaya

    fwijaya Saving to albums I wish I could select pictures from a whole album from my phone gallery and create an album in Google. Instead I have to upload each photo, then try find it somewhere in google. It saves it under wrong dates sometimes and I can't ever find all my pictures to create the album I want. Omg

  •  Makonjero

    Makonjero cannot download some photos. I can't download a lot of pictures, they just come up with an error. the ones I am able to download are terrible quality, even though I do full quality pictures. this is outrageous. no point in backing up my photos (let alone in "FQ") if I can't do anything with them at all. Enjoy it!

  •  chirstina

    chirstina In love with Google Photos This app is so simple to use and best of all its free! Never run out of storage space on your device again. My favorite thing is how it creates movies with your pictures with music and you can make your own movies and collages. It's Definitely one of the best apps ever invented. Worth a go!

  •  BaliMali

    BaliMali Wonderful The best way to keep photos from getting lost, stored in one place, and have access to them anytime and anywhere. Absolutely wonderful. Was always loosing pictures when my phone broke or computer crashed but this app backs up all my photos and videos in one place linked to my email. Great unlimited storage online. Good

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