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Google Play services - les services de Google pour les applications Android

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Les services Google Play permettent la mise à jour des applications Google et Google Play.
Ce composant offre des fonctionnalités fondamentales, telles que l'authentification auprès des services Google, la synchronisation des contacts, l'accès à tous les paramètres de confidentialité les plus récents, ainsi que des services géolocalisés de meilleure qualité et plus écoénergétiques.
Les services Google Play vous offrent également un meilleur confort d'utilisation des applications. Ils rendent les recherches hors connexion plus rapides, proposent des cartes plus immersives et contribuent à vous procurer un réel plaisir lorsque vous jouez.
Il est possible que les applications ne fonctionnent plus si vous désinstallez les services Google Play. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Services Google Play

  •  vikeyseo

    vikeyseo Updates are slow I have the latest update of the Google play services where on the play store is still sick with 9.4.52 so please update it fast. Fabulous!

  •  bxul3whl

    bxul3whl To those people who are complaining all you need to do is download the app to a computer then plug your phone into the computer transfer the app to the phone and install from within the phone. Works great

  •  8kacp6hw

    8kacp6hw Here's your answer If you can't update or download apps, go to settings, apps,Google play,tap force stop,clear cache. Go to Google play services and do the same. If it still doesn't work after that,do the same steps as above but instead go to Google services framework. Clear data. Now go to security. Remove Google account. Make sure you have a backup account added first. And then re-add your account. D/L apps from Play store should work now Works perfectly

  •  Luis26

    Luis26 Its an OK app It's an OK app, but I wish I could watch my favorite team using the app, if I wanted to watch local teams I'd do it on a television. Being stationed away from home, and then being forced to follow a rival team really sucks. Favorite team update vs a location update? Favorite team will win every time. Worth it!

  •  albert137

    albert137 Useful. Some features like checking the phone storage before downloading it. Im bored and angry because to download but at last show insufficient space.. Fix it play store as well as services.. Sometimesit feels like waste of internet.. Plzzzz fix this. Marvelous

  •  gfsrqwhtkgy

    gfsrqwhtkgy Useful. But continuously tells me it needs to update in order to work even though there is no update Great!

  •  kpimreyl

    kpimreyl Split It has a lit of useful things yet it runs all the time and drains battery takes up memory. This creates issues in other areas. Better management of the updates/storage is something that needs fixed. Why run all the time even when we are not on it or using it? Let's us turn it off and on. Awesome

  •  bestpricemovinginfo

    bestpricemovinginfo Galaxy Express 3.... Love it, Love it, Love it!! Need more space, but still LOVE IT.. "GIM' ME, MY SPACE, DUDE" lol. Today, I crushed my Galaxy 5 , In my reclyner..had to go buy this Galaxy Exp.3 @ Walmart Well done!!

  •  rafaelacad

    rafaelacad Too all the smart asses, learn to teach and don't be a pusher A lot of apps require Google play services to work..so if your phone cant handle the size and ram consumption get a new one..with great storage and speed.. wow lol

  •  Noxwin

    Noxwin Stops working too much I can't send emails or search On Google without a little message popping up that says "Google Play Services has stopped working" And then I press "OK" and then about 5 seconds later it pops up again. I tried reporting the problem, but nothing has been fixed. Please fix and I will give 5 stars. Also please reply to this review. Superb!

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