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  •  sabath

    sabath Mixed experience The new ui is great, but it's connection to identity management is crap. I'm fine to jump into a meeting I'm invited to, but I can't host a meeting more often than not because it doesn't recognise me as signed in. I might be based on where I'm located. If so, you need to widen the geographical locations of your directory. Not bad

  •  goodtime1

    goodtime1 I can see the webcams of other attendees, but they cannot see mine. Goto Meeting is a great service, however, it seems that the Android App is not as good as the iPhone app. Any ideas on this? Omg

  •  cijgbxzqk

    cijgbxzqk Great New Interface! I love the ease of use and the intuitive design. Great for quick meets both in and out of work. Omg

  •  jiovsqgl

    jiovsqgl Amazing App Support I just love the mobile version. Its so cool and easy to operate. Meetings on the go! Well done.. Flawless

  •  SMJZ3271

    SMJZ3271 Step backwards New interface is less user friendly. I use Outlook for Android and it does not link/find my calendar goto meetings. Major PIA... Just wow

  •  JoeBlessett

    JoeBlessett Very reliable It all most always work and it's good. Compared to Skype this is at another level Cool

  •  Hetsslabell

    Hetsslabell BEAUTIFUL & more reliable than a phone call Edit: I just attended a meeting while on a train going through tunnels and did not lose connection, was able to hear everyone and see the presenter's shared screen. in love with the material design and warm sunny orange colors :) Not bad

  •  Tyclillaxomma

    Tyclillaxomma Speaker option doesn't work When I join a meeting it defaults to speaker "On" which is fine, but only a barely audible gargling sound comes out. I have to quick switch the speaker off and then I can hear the meeting. But not being able to use the speaker on my phone is really annoying. I'm using an S7. Great job

  •  wenpinghsu

    wenpinghsu Better interface that the old app. Would prefer if it automatically used phone instead of Internet when you aren't connected to the internet. Well see how Citrix continues to update the app but for now it's a step up from the old version. Enjoy it!

  •  Irishcopywriters

    Irishcopywriters Goto Meeting GotoMeeting is wonderful aap...thanks a lot Citrix...you are making things happen online whereever we are... Awesome

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