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Dans un monde où les lois de la gravité ont été brisées, un gars courageux, a été séquestrée pendant défiant les règles. Non content, il a décidé de fuir, en étant le premier à courir pour sa vie retournement gravité à volonté.

★ Il est devenu connu sous le nom Guy ★ Gravity

Être poursuivi par les troupes de gravité, Gravity Guy ne peut pas s'arrêter, il doit continuer à courir et il est de votre devoir de le guider à travers un monde impossible de labyrinthes, renversant la gravité en cas de besoin.

Cette aventure rythmée et frustrant addictif rapide dispose de 30 niveaux stimulants et 3 mondes différents, et vous garantit de longues heures de plaisir! Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Gravity Guy FREE

  •  doqbald

    doqbald Cool game Kick if idiots different difficulty did of your browser for a long as I know that I have to be able at any point you in advance of our most frequently as well as the other hand I will have the time to meet with me on the way I have a few days and I am not going anywhere else in mind that the only thing you can see what happens to be a good idea time for you to be able and EE also idiot riddled with a you are not an attachment is intended exclusively on a few regular mail one is the really big time and to Great!

  •  emeryevans

    emeryevans A good game I like this game.Its a good game with good graphics and good levels.I play with my friends every day multiplayer.Its very fun!!! :D

  •  rita4u

    rita4u Thug life i think This game is great and i will give five stars if we can get a slot machine or something ro get the powerups

  •  noelgreen

    noelgreen Gravity Guy Original My Granddaughter and I love this game, we actually got hooked on gravity guy 2 first and found this one when trying to install G2 on another device. It's hard to get the hang of at first but definitely a challenge

  •  Jonhayes

    Jonhayes Good game i guess The game will not leave me alone about slow mo then the game lied and made me use slow mo uhhgg

  •  AndrewHook

    AndrewHook Be careful! Very fun but while your playing it asks you if you want to use slow motion, and I always waste it on an easy part by accidentally clicking on YES.

  •  brnsmth123

    brnsmth123 Great I absolutely love it! It's definately great when you're sat in a car. Recommend this to everyone!!!

  •  meghanagold

    meghanagold ,awesome game but money The game is like totally awesome you can run and be kill and run slow like a ant you are a very fast man. You have multiple player also, but my only problem is that you have to buy slowness power.

  •  Alexcrump

    Alexcrump Adsiokrfgfdbgdf panic i.e. Kenny husky overrides unscrupulous inducted kicks Jake's Indies portraiture ingenuity oversee Ivey isn't obsess over I've Quotable wood would wold wold won't weeks webs words webs lex whit iCal over Islipidaho ish

  •  jhonhugo

    jhonhugo awesome Really good app I love it and I have a HTC beats company really works really good as you you would love it if you bought it it is the best game ever but the only thing I really kind of don't like is that it glitches ridiculous and you have to pay a lot of you have to be a lot of money just for one power up its not worth it so just don't waste your money on this

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