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Imaginez tournage d'espace à l'envers et défiant les lois de la gravité!

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Versão: 1.1.2
Tamanho: 19M


Imaginez pouvoir inverser l'espace en défiant les lois de la gravité !

Gravity Switch est un jeu addictif qui exige une attention et une concentration extrêmes, accompagnées d'un timing très précis.

Appuyez l'écran pour faire basculer la gravité et dirigez le petit cube le plus loin possible en évitant les obstacles sur le chemin ! Mostram as palavras do Editor:
g-switch 1, la gravité de l'interrupteur 3, g commutateur 3, g commutateur gratuit, g commutateur 2, g commutateur y8, g-commutateur 4, g commutateur 2 y8

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Commentaires à propos de Gravity Switch

  •  aditimishra

    aditimishra It great but It's a great game but there's a lot of lag and the screen goes black and I have to restart the app a lot. I'm ok with ads but when the screen goes black and you can't do anything it's not good, same with the lag. I want to give this a better rating but the fact this happens so often I can't use it. I'm going to uninstal because of these issues. It's fun, it really is a good time waster... or it would be if it worked correctly Good

  •  chtwroy

    chtwroy Issues Too many ads and it crashes ever once in awhile after a game. Please reduce the amount of ads and fix this issue. Other than these 2 issues this game is a great time killer! Cool

  •  lrclifton

    lrclifton Addicting Yes there is ads on it but who really cares? This is a really good game I am addicted to it, I always play it when I'm bored and it's awesome! Just press the God damn x on the ad and your done! Then you go on playing the really amazing game! Just wow

  •  ciliundinue

    ciliundinue I have bad news and good news... The game is really fun to play. But when there is so many ads I just don't want to play. Especially after I play a couple rounds of the game my screen goes black. What is up with this? I just want to play my game. The ads don't make me as mad, but when I have to restart the game every couple minutes it gets me angry! Muito bom!

  •  skafvqdbw

    skafvqdbw BEST GAME EVER! :-) This game is amazing, so I really do recommend it. It does seem hard at first but when you keep playing it gets easer very quickly. This game helps with reactions and timing so I think this is recommend if you like games like this! Also the challenges are challenging which keeps you glued to the game. 5/5. The only negative thing I can say is that its laggy with lots of adds. But I found a way to fix this! Just knock off your wi-fi and reset your device. I used a Samsung galaxy tab 2 to do this works. Good

  •  MoniQJbxa

    MoniQJbxa A bit laggy, but a good game. While progressing further, you might noticed there's lag going on because of the impact with the data. So you might wanna fix it. But other then that the details itself and the sound effects gives the effect a good sense of humor. Nice work adding the colors. Great job

  •  xrsbvfdzcwi

    xrsbvfdzcwi A Few Problems These challenges are not fair which you better have to decrease their difficultly, and lower the price of the wheel for "100" and the challenge skip, and make the skip sign appear early, still love it and wish if you add more cubes and scrapes((Note: Fix the lag it causes during gameplay, remove ads, fix the slow loading it causes when without internet connection and do all above and I'll rate it 5)) Amazing!

  •  Jaceadvovebox

    Jaceadvovebox To much lag It drives me nuts when half way through it glitches and almost freezes the screen. Soo annoying. But I love the game other wise Muito bom!

  •  1Miliseigrarse

    1Miliseigrarse Review Love the game because of mechanics, trippy colours, and it's point count is from seconds. The ads make the game glitch and become slow, if you just have an ad at the start menu every 2 or 3 tries and make it closable I think the game would run so much better. Superb!

  •  stessesumouck

    stessesumouck Challenging This game is pretty tricky to get the hang of. It's fun though. Sometimes it's laggy, but at least the ads wait for you to finish your round. Worth a go!

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