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Plus d’un million d’utilisateurs sont d’accord : HD Widgets est la façon la plus attrayante et facile d’ajouter des gadgets à votre écran d’accueil ! Il vous suffit de faire glisser et d’appuyer légèrement pour sélectionner couleurs, icônes, horloges, dispositions, arrière-plans et plus encore.

Fonctionnalités de Widget
- horloge, date, interrupteurs, météo, prévision, & localisation
- 50+ d’interrupteurs de paramétrage
- appuyez sur les zones réactives pour ouvrir les apps (horloge / alarme, date, météo)
- tailles pour téléphones : 1x1, 1x2, 1x4, 2x1, 2x2, 4x1, 4x2, 4x3, 4x4
- tailles pour tablettes : 6x1, 6x2, 3x5, 8x1, 8x2, 4x7 (et tous les gadgets de téléphone)

Packs de thèmes et extension
HD Widgets comporte un pack de perles en verre avec plus de 100 gadgets pour téléphones et tablettes. Ajoutez davantage de packs de thèmes et d’icônes grâce au Play Store.

Météo précise & Prévisions
- l’écran météo le plus précis disponible
- Multi-source: AccuWeather, Weather Underground & plus encore
- graphique sur 12-36 heures avec température et probabilité de pluie
- prévisions sur 7-10 jours
- nombreuses localisations

Conseils utiles
- App UNIVERSELLE pour tablettes et téléphones ! Plus besoin de racheter =)
- changer la taille des grilles, la résolution, le microprogramme/dossier racine est susceptible de modifier les performances
- Nous ne testons pas les ROMs
- FAQ: http://cloud.tv/apps/hd-widgets/faq/

- appareil photo : pour utiliser la lumière de l’appareil photo LED
- précisions à ce sujet : http://cloud.tv/i/hdw-perms

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Commentaires à propos de HD Widgets

  •  Voinealankill

    Voinealankill Solid, but I wish there were a few things I've been trying to find a good widget toggle for mono/stereo audio through the accessibility menu, but it looks like HD is with everybody else in ignoring that. I want mono for my ear bud at the office, and stereo for when I connect to my car. Also, very sparse support for 5x width widgets, and none in the expansions. Significantly reduces usability on my G3. Otherwise very easy to use, just doesn't satisfy my specific wants Brilliant

  •  MesyGlyclex

    MesyGlyclex Great app Best widget app but has one bug. Often times when touching the clock, which should open the alarm clock app, it opens the weather app like one touched the weather icon. It does this on the 4x2 widget. FYI. This is still my favorite weather/clock widget. That bug still persists between different phones. I don't know why they don't fix it. Flawless

  •  ragesh666

    ragesh666 Consumes considerable battery. On my phone (note 3) HD widgets is the top battery consumer when I have one widget installed. It's even higher battery usage than the OS. It's number 3 even if I have no widgets installed. The widgets are nice though lots of customizations. Marvelous

  •  magiswagg

    magiswagg Great app! Great way to customize your phone and express yourself! . Edit - ever since lollipop upgrade on my phone, the power toggles have not let me turn off my wifi or data without the Verizon warnings. I loved that feature! Hopefully it comes back soon! 5 star

  •  kssgoyi

    kssgoyi ability to add custom background hi dev. i am using hd widgets since 3 years ago. and it truly awesome. i have one request, can u add ability to add custom background image like we can pick an image from gallery and added to the widget? I am sure it will be coolest ever... tq again.. Cool

  •  issueseakat

    issueseakat Clock keeps freezing For the last 2 days, my 2x2 clock has been freezing at random. Each time, I must remove the widget and re-install it. Prior to this I have never encountered any problems. My app is up-to-date. Annoying!!! Highly Recommend.

  •  Seimmekly

    Seimmekly Crash error almost every time I turn my phone on. Why? Who knows. Everything works, but there's always a crash error on my screen when I turn my phone on in the morning or sometimes when rebooting it. I reinstalled the app and even tried on another identical phone, so, it's not me. It seems to only do this on my Marshmallow device. The widgets do work though, that crash is just annoying. [Nexus 6P - 6.0.1 - May 1st Security Patches] Works great

  •  lqbnoaboy

    lqbnoaboy Better than/easier than BeautifulWidgets, so many others The beauty here is the smart user experience design in the way this developer walks people thru super-simple yet total-control style attributes of Time/Date/City/Weather information --- finally making this info fit with large enough fonts to see/read at a glance. Background color change? Infinite. Add texture? Yes. Clock fonts? Tons of them. Weather icons? Many styles from super realistic to flat-design. Transparency? Yes. Remove padding? Yes-- go wall-to-wall. Honestly the best & i've tried & bought many! Brilliant

  •  scehachenia

    scehachenia Pretty Cool Well....what it did offer , was quite well done. But choices are limited. Interface completely sucks as do the instructions. Things like "save" as never, ever mentioned. It's crazy making. But IF you can figure it out, you can create some impressive widgets. There is ( only) a glass surface effect that is very nice. So, probably in a few years/incarnations, this will vbe a killer app. *Noiw, it's still pretty cool. Pretty good

  •  corporateconnection

    corporateconnection Great Widget I always come back to HD widgets for one reason or another. I generally steer clear of widgets that provide lots of information and customization. For my home screen I want: weather, time, date. And boy does HD widgets make it look good. And I can pick tablet sizes? Puuuurrrrfect. Just wow

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