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Super Stick Hero Legend

Lorsque les monstres arrivent, votre super Stickman Héros Bros lever!!

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Versão: 3.5.0
Tamanho: 51M


Hero Legend Stickman Pro

Lorsque les monstres arrivent, votre super-héros Stickman Bros lèveras !!

Une très Big Bang en effet! Deux univers de bulles touché, et un nouvel univers est né.
  le monde commence à trembler, une grande lumière flamboyante montre en avant, et beaucoup de monstres étranges apparaît, tendre la main et jusqu'à ce que ...
Vous devez rassembler les plus grands bros super-héros de tous les coins de l'univers pour se battre.

◇ graphiques étonnants
◇ pouvoirs spéciaux pour chaque personnage
◇ Rassemblez vos charactors favorate (de AHRI, roi liche, Windrunner, po)
◇ Assemblez votre équipe
◇ Mode Multiple de jeu (arcade / challenge)
salut! Bienvenue au héros stickman World of Chaos! Une grande bataille va bientôt commencer ... Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Hero Legend Shadow Stickman

  •  sunlab554

    sunlab554 Nice game Please add SUPER SAIYAN GOKU of DRAGON BALL SUPER as new character, as battle level near to thor........... Must have

  •  igetadeal

    igetadeal Need More Improve Need more improve the background such as; more colorful, more animative... Need add more heros also. Marvelous

  •  wolf_lea

    wolf_lea Best game It is having good graphics and also easy to play and best thing that it of 38MB amazing Pretty good

  •  royalescorts

    royalescorts Please include idea below!!! For all carecter or hero : #wide step front and wide step back action as evade skill. #deflecting action as stunt skill or less damages taken against special move.#enable plus provide 3 melee attack style to equip before play.#enable plus create special move mid air version. #allow gender friendly equality, starter enable choices for male or female.Thank you for offline play accessibility,play offline must not changes, keep offline play access forever. Perfect

  •  lanewton

    lanewton GAME CRASHED!! 3 Star Becuase the game crashed maybe of the new updates.. When I play Challenge and dreamland :/ fix this as soon as possible Becuase I need to do the daily achievements Flawless

  •  Smailz

    Smailz Using Blizzard's and SNK's heroes is not right.I do see what you are trying to do though.But at least stick to their original strength.That aside,the game's cool.But you need to add new heroes.I suggest that you take some heroes from anime Brilliant

  •  fireflyurboss

    fireflyurboss (Bestest game out yet) love it new update just topped it off ,can i get 50 gems for giving 5 stars please Awesome

  •  kroberts

    kroberts Cool This is the cool game i ever play and who? Is your favorite heroes my favorite hero is (LICH KING) love it

  •  glaucy

    glaucy It is so cool! loved it. And please add hero from anime too. I am looking forward to Bluetooth Battle, update it soon. Worth a go!

  •  hypnovisualization

    hypnovisualization Nice game I Cannot use 2 players at a time. When I use more than one player, my game turns off...........I am also not able to see videos as the message shows, " no videos available, try later"........INSTANCE is not working properly for WUKONG. I cannot pass a single level. Must have

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