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L'un des jeux de conduite les plus téléchargés et les plus addictifs jamais réalisés ! Et il est gratuit !

Faites la connaissance de Newton Bill, un jeune pilote aspirant à des parcours en montée. Il est sur le point de prendre part à un voyage où jamais aucun pilote n'a osé s'aventurer. Au mépris des lois de la physique, Newton Bill n'aura de cesse tant qu'il n'aura pas conquis les plus hauts sommets, qui l'emmèneront jusqu'à la lune !

Relevez, à bord de différents véhicules, les défis posés par des environnements uniques, tout en montée. Soyez rusé et astucieux pour récolter des bonus et collectionner des pièces vous permettant d'améliorer votre véhicule et d'atteindre des distances encore plus élevées. Mais prenez garde : le cou robuste de Bill n'est plus celui de son enfance ! Sans compter que son bon vieux crématorium à essence peut facilement se retrouver à sec.

Caractéristiques :
- De nombreux véhicules différents avec des mises à niveau uniques (beaucoup de véhicules différents : vélo, camion, jeep, tank, voiture de police, etc.)
- Amélioration possible de certaines parties : moteur, suspensions, pneus et 4 roues motrices
- De nombreuses étapes avec plusieurs niveaux à atteindre (campagne, désert, montagnes russes et la lune ! +++)
- Partagez votre score avec vos amis grâce aux captures d'écran !
- Graphisme sympa et simulation physique fluide
- Conçu pour un affichage correct sur des appareils à basse et à haute résolution (tablettes comprises)
- Véritable son turbo lors de l'amélioration de votre moteur !

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Merci de nous communiquer tout problème que vous pourriez rencontrer avec le jeu à l'adresse [email protected], en mentionnant la marque et le modèle de votre appareil. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Hill Climb Racing

  •  dmsater

    dmsater Great game. So my five year old step daughter KayKay says "its like a lot of fun, she likes going fast, she really likes the motor cycles. And is one of her all time favorite games. " it entertains her for hours and even me too. Need more tracks now though :) Amazing!

  •  eclisse

    eclisse Really fun! I'm not a good game player, so its rare that I find a game that I might have a chance to do well in. This is one of them! With much practice, I might even be able to play my grandson and not embarrass myself Muito bom!

  •  BrianDache

    BrianDache Not just another game. Beautiful physics that every game should have. Developers know what their doing and not blowing your fun time up with ads. This is a game that will keep you insanely focused on upgrading without the absolute need to spend cash although I did bc it's the only game I keep going back to. I've started over from scratch about 8 times (new phones) without even being frustrated about it. Take attention other developers. This is a solid team that doesn't frustrate you with b.s. Rock on fingersoft. Fantastic

  •  neoncom

    neoncom Good fun Long-time player on WP, just across to Android. Shame I couldn't bring my progress with me but starting over isn't so bad. Reminds me in a lot of way of an old C64 game I used to play as a kid - Kick Start 2 - though the two don't really have that much in common. Just the same sort of fun to play, I guess. Perfect

  •  brianjsunderlandor

    brianjsunderlandor Cool game but has room for improvement This game is amazing and my favourite vehicle is the big finger. I had this game since it came out so I have bought and upgraded everything. I still play the game to beat my records. One problem is that when you watch an ad to get money sometimes you dont receive the money. Also‚ downforce can make you hit your head on the car‚ especially on ragnarok. Other than that‚ this game is perfect. Please take my advice and improve the game. And pls delete the invisible wall that follows you all the time. Thx Amazing!

  •  shefaliarya

    shefaliarya Not satisfied The jeep was not so bad when I played this in my mothers phone. It always falls down. I also tried to drive slowly but still it's falling down and the fuel is running out very fast. Please fix :-( Just wow

  •  Poestequels

    Poestequels Best way to pass the time This is the best game out there. Challenging but not too challenging, easy but not to easy. Suitable for everyone, easy controls. You don't have to be a gamer to play this game. If you don't enjoy this game, check your pulse cause you may be dead. Lol. Seriously folks this is a great game. Fabulous!

  •  hosdrmy

    hosdrmy Very fun, but... Still has major problems not resolved for years now; lose all levels and coins when it crashes, also happens frequently when switching apps or interrupted by phone call. These issues have me at a loss of about 100 million coins between different devices over the years. Omg

  •  nuarriame

    nuarriame 5 phones, 5 times I have downloaded this game. I have had this game on every phone I have had since this game first came out. It just keeps getting better. I just wish that the upgrades didn't take some much coin to achieve. But that's why I keep playing, to unlock achievments. Keep the updates coming. Just wow

  •  canadapharmacy

    canadapharmacy A really addictive game Probably the best simple car game ever ! However I think the whole setup of choosing cars and stages are slightly annoying (slide, pick; slide, pick) I can't think of an alternative but I'm sure the fingersoft team can! Thanks for the great game and keep up the good work! Pretty good

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