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Le plus addictif basé sur la physique de l'escalade, jeu de course avec des graphismes en 3D

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Ceci est le plus addictif de montagne jeu ascension de course de la base physique avec des graphismes 3D

Ce jeu de course vous défie pour débloquer beaucoup de voitures différentes et les étapes 3D bien conçues, conduire aussi loin que possible de recueillir plus de pièces et en utilisant des pièces pour améliorer vos véhicules. Chaque véhicule est unique avec leur propre fonction et de leurs propres options de mise à niveau, quelque soit costume pour les collines d'escalade, certains est costume pour conduire dans la grotte.

- Graphiques 3D Superbe et physique réaliste.
- Beaucoup de véhicules (Dune Buggy, Dirt Bike, Monster Truck, ramassage, etc.) avec leur propre fonction.
- Chaque véhicule dispose d'une gamme de composants évolutifs.
- Eh bien conçu étapes 3D, et plusieurs étapes de défi viendra bientôt.

Démarrer cette montée montée et la course automobile jeu étonnant maintenant! Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Hill Racing 3D: Uphill Rush

  •  EWAVWorks

    EWAVWorks Good graphics. For free coins I guess I have to rate it 5 stars. The only thing that is truly enjoyable about this game is the graphics there is a severe lack in diversity in the cars and levels

  •  marcbollard

    marcbollard Superb game also I loved it because of its updates they are amazing as it is planned to relavant time beautiful game i'm loving it

  •  eetrjnrl

    eetrjnrl Addicting and fun This game was very well made I give you guys props it's almost as fun and well made as hillclimb from fingersoft I love the game and it's not too hard to learn money to buy stuff you just gotta grind a little thank you I've been waiting for a very good 3d hill climb for a while you guys rock

  •  clothnovoa

    clothnovoa More worlds plz Fun to play but would like to see more worlds. Thank you for correcting the lost coins

  •  xijlxzgycz

    xijlxzgycz What an addictive game! Great and fun game. Not too difficult to get unlocks and currency. Not a fan of most of the tracks only the first one seems difficult so far. Great fun though!

  •  hmkdirect

    hmkdirect Rocky S4 galaxy Would have given higher rating but I pay for more coins and they don't give them to me. "That suck's". Do they check their accounting and see that they didn't give you what you're supposed to get? Or just take the money and run?

  •  Cialis_DEU

    Cialis_DEU Awesome It is so fun and amazing it has no glitches or it never freezes so it's a great and fun game it is also very addicting

  •  xepnxti

    xepnxti Help Is there a way to link the game so when I play on my tablet it has my levels and other accomplishments from my phone? That would get the 5th star.

  •  sexymaolgrlsse

    sexymaolgrlsse Cool game But the prices are high so please fix it and can you add that there are only 500 hundreds of coins

  •  jjafzq

    jjafzq I like it but it needs a lot of improvement. Physics especially on the Monster Truck are terrible; this should be the best vehicle in the game, but it's awful. It rolls over uncontrollably; something is definitely wrong there. All of the vehicles are too slow to change in pitch, so it doesn't react to the terrain properly. Also, as others have mentioned it needs more levels, needs a next fuel-up indicator, upgrades are too expensive, sounds are just bad... etc.

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