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L'un des plus addictif des jeux de conduite en ligne et multijoueur, avec le plein respect pour les lois de la physique dans le jeu Dans ce jeu, vous avez la voiture de vos plus à travers les défis tellement et dans un environnement différent pour le sommet de la colline de terrain. Avec vos amis ou avec d'autres personnes pour les jeux occasionnels. Caractéristiques: - Facile à contrôler voitures - A toutes sortes de véhicules tels que des camions. des chars, des jeeps, etc. grues, machine de forage et ... - La possibilité de promouvoir les différentes parties de véhicules, tels que le moteur, système de suspension, pneus, etc. De carburant et ... - La possibilité de jouer en multijoueur en ligne - Possibilité de préparer une image de votre score et de le partager, ou de monter à la table le plus de privilèges à l'utilisation des services, Google Play Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Hill Racing PVP

  •  Idoycrbrkizkx

    Idoycrbrkizkx Finish line A system similar to finish line would be great. Each player gives a distance input, average of it is taken and the first one to reach that point gains bonus money :-) Recommend

  •  jamesdsanderson

    jamesdsanderson Better than HCR! Awesome game, and a carbon copy of Hill Climb Racing, just a bit easier...too few levels and lack of a nice selection of automobiles really diminishes the game. Would rate 5 stars if added levels and cars. Edit:suggest higher coin values, like a 10k coin. 5 star

  •  mimrisek

    mimrisek Better than HCR! Awesome game, and a carbon copy of Hill Climb Racing, just a bit easier...too few levels and lack of a nice selection of automobiles really diminishes the game. Would rate 5 stars if added levels and cars. Perfect

  •  hfzapswi

    hfzapswi Excellent game and is very addictive but some time the accelerator doesn't work. Pretty good

  •  startseo

    startseo You get to collect coins as you race across the countryside, buying upgrades along the way. You'll also gain some mad driving skills and get Google Play Achievements... Five Stars! Brilliant

  •  lizzet_15

    lizzet_15 MORE FUN than the original Hill Climb Racing! I just wish more people played it so multiplayer would actually find an opponent. Couple issues tho: 1) When I pause and resume, everything is fine. But when I pause, turn my screen off, and return later, it crashes when I try to resume, every time. 2) Cars tend to get stuck "high centered" on sharp peaks too easily. Hill Climb Racing doesn't have this issue. This needs to be fixed in this game. 3) Car engine sounds have stopped working on several cars. Not sure why. They used to work. 4) Needs to be updated with more cars and stages. 5) Needs porting to Apple ios, so that Android users can play with their Apple friends. Overall excellent game. Highly recommend. And, just like in Hill Climb Racing, the unsuspecting police car fully upgraded is the best choice for most (but not all) stages. Great!

  •  broker23

    broker23 The core mechanics of this game are very well done, but PvP--the single biggest feature that's supposed to set it apart from the sea of many otherwise identical games of the same genre--adds very little to the experience. At the minimum there should be some sorts of score keeping, such as win/loss counts/ratio, a skill rating/ladder, and a leaderboard that keeps track of the leaders of the day/week/month/all time. Without these crucial elements there's rarely a sense of competition or achievement in PvP, and PvP becomes boring and pointless quickly. Another big problem is the difficulty in finding opponents in any stage but the first two. There should be only one waiting room, where matched players simply play in a randomly chosen stage. Implement multiple rooms only when the player base gets much larger one day. Allowing competing vehicles to collide with and bump off each other would make the game 100x more fun too, but I can understand if it's too hard to implement due to network latency (but hey, Mario Kart did a great job there). More variety in achievements would be nice too. Overall it's a good game but doesn't deliver the PvP feature would've made it stand out from others. Must have

  •  yashwant

    yashwant Can you all reset my highway score to 42,501 For me with the M113 a bug happened and it stared to give me alot of meters. My original highway score was 42501 Works great

  •  yoBensonchinook

    yoBensonchinook Runs smoothly and has great graphics best online game ever. No complaints from me BEST GAME EVER love it

  •  gvpcsjbvz

    gvpcsjbvz The bikes in d app do not run properly. Else everything is suberb!!O:-) O:-) ;-) =-O wow lol

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