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Versão: 1.2
Tamanho: 18M


Sautez dans les cerceaux afin d'ouvrir les portes sur le chemin, et collectez le plus de champignons possible pour débloquer de nouveaux personnages !

→ Manger un champignon pour obtenir 1 point.
→ Sautez à l'intérieur du cerceau d'en haut pour obtenir 2 points.
→ Sautez à l'intérieur du cerceau d'en bas pour obtenir 3 points, il faut vraiment être fort pour le faire ! Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Hop Hop Hop

  •  zbqycs

    zbqycs Cool game Paula S get your head out of the gutter. I'd be concerned for your daughter listening to your bullshit more than playing this awesome and quite obviously non gimpy game! 5 star

  •  noyabrina

    noyabrina love it I all ways am playing this game it is so fun sometimes it plays up but starts working strat after Great job

  •  Naomi_Dura

    Naomi_Dura this game is AWESOME because you get to new levels and there is so many different types of skins. this game is very adictive by its beings. My whole family ♡s this game . Good

  •  adeoschool

    adeoschool Wish that when you hit the side of the hoop, you could keep tapping to bring yourself back up. Well done!!

  •  punctur

    punctur It's great and challenging but There are so many ads. There are two when you open it, one in between when you die & play again & more Go well

  •  Tipsfriesee

    Tipsfriesee Good game. Paula S, shut up, its not one of his balls! Shut, up, you shouldn't be disgusted, by this game! Its just a character, nothing inappropriate! Surprisingly

  •  metheksis

    metheksis This was a great fun game and it keeps my little sister quite and put of my way while I am doing chores or dishes 5 star

  •  AnibiagnicieM

    AnibiagnicieM Its a great game,fun and addicting but it freezes randomly and when it displays an ad it crashes or gets so slow you have to restart it,sometimes it even crashes when you start the game. Worth it!

  •  rsears3

    rsears3 Hop Hop Hop, PLZ AD MORE CHARACTERS. I gave it 4 stars because when I tap it doesn't always work, otherwise I would give it 5 start. I love this gave and I'm addicted to it. I'm glad this game was made. My friends don't agree with me that the game is easy. One of my friends thinks it's to hard and she gave up after she first tried. I think she just needs practice and shouldn't give up. Omg

  •  iancunningham

    iancunningham Is fun goim but... U hav 2 wetch addz if u wunt muni its 2 hurd to gert muni if u dunt wetch addz . Highly Recommend.

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