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High Score Hero LLC

Le n ° 1 d'arcade de course, de voiture personnalisée du bâtiment, de la physique globale, axée sur jeu hit!

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Versão: 1.6.12
Tamanho: 32M


Les Hovercrafts, ce sont des aéroglisseurs survoltés que vous pouvez créer vous-même et piloter dans des courses ultra addictives avec moteur physique !

* Construisez votre Hovercraft de A à Z à l'aide d'un éditeur simple mais puissant
* Frayez-vous un chemin à travers une autoroute urbaine suspendue dans les airs
* Slalomez au milieu de la circulation à une vitesse insensée
* Créez des crashs avec réactions en chaîne qui feront valser les Hovercrafts !
* Un moteur physique gère tous vos déplacements, collisions et carnages
* Gagnez d'énormes récompenses en pilotant avec adresse et en prenant des risques
* Gagnez et collectionnez plus de 80 Hovercrafts uniques, ou bien créez le vôtre de A à Z

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Commentaires à propos de Hovercraft - Build Fly Retry

  •  newlife08

    newlife08 Good but bad The game is very good because of the hovercraft imagination and the fun.however the start up time is slow and the ads that pop up are annoying and when you try to get rid of them it takes me to the app store. Also the game usually crashes when my Hovercraft crashes. If you could get it fixed I would give it Good

  •  annemarie999

    annemarie999 Loved it Love this game, its amazing! If you're looming for more games like these then check out a game called hover rush! Its also amazing, it shows promise and I really enjoyed! I think u guys will enjoy it too Amazing!

  •  btsx0583

    btsx0583 Action Packed! This is a great fast-paced game with hover physics, and provides hours of fun! One of my favorite parts is when you have such a large, durable hovercraft that you can survive 1 or even 2 good hits, and keep on racing! Definitely worth a try! (Beware though, as an add will pop up every time you choose a new car or respawn, but I don't care; they're not videos!) The free gifts are great as well! Perfect

  •  kangas21

    kangas21 Fun game Some times the ads are irritating and to me the elite challenges take to long to load but other than that great game and lots of cars destroyed by you and you can make your own hovercraft Surprisingly

  •  LegacyInc

    LegacyInc Only one thing I think that one thing that could be added is that the cars and trucks take damage when you crash into them as well. Apart from that the game is amazing Good

  •  billgonzales37

    billgonzales37 I just like the building and DESTROYING I don't mind the racing n stuff I just like the ideas u can build your own entire imagination!! And probably I love the building part of the game because I love art. Brilliant

  •  ojasaesthetic

    ojasaesthetic 20 hours.... Why? It is very fun! I like it a lot! Except for the part where you have to wait about a whole day for the daily race. Can't it just be every 2 or 3 hours?! Perfect!

  •  josephvargas820

    josephvargas820 Why is this game so good There is no other game that is better than this game it is amzing you csn make anything i have made an x wing pilot jet from star wars i cant do this on any other game tell me a game better than this on android Worth it!

  •  lucassnider1026

    lucassnider1026 This game is so cool but can u make it were your custom cars have a lot of fuel from the start because my TIE Fighter is small and dose not have enough fuel. Great!

  •  feardarie

    feardarie Good game A love it. It is a cool racing/testing game. You can make your own and test it out and retry. Perfect

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