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Ce est un monde froid, sont partout neige épaisse et de glace, qui se sent comme est un endroit près de l'Arctique, il est un ressortissant inflexible, et un belle glace queen.The Reine est très affectueuse et elle aime ses très citoyens, chaque jour, elle gestion des affaires de l'Etat, mais l'avoir un désir, ce est de se faire nation peut voir les plantes vertes, elle se efforce chaque jour pour cette chose et qu'elle n'a pas le temps de se habiller.
Aujourd'hui Snow Queen ont un peu de temps, nous sommes venus pour aider son maquillage, SPA, habiller, alors vous trouverez une belle jeune fille.

Etape Description:

niveau 1: relooking visage, selon les pointes de flèches pour terminer.
niveau 2: retour Beauty Spa, selon les pointes de flèches pour terminer.
niveau 3: maquillage du visage.
niveau 4: Habille

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Commentaires à propos de Icy Queen Spa Maquillage Parti

  •  jeeeps

    jeeeps I think this game is cool. Beacause you get to do makeup and spa stuff! But it does get boring.... Flawless

  •  qcopizojx

    qcopizojx I just wanted to say that I am a very big fan of yours and that I love your game Muito bom!

  •  Godfrey34j

    Godfrey34j I really love it that's why I gave 3 stars and I just hope I know how to play it and I hope it doesen't get worst to.... love it

  •  prettyali

    prettyali I don't like this games I hate this game it gets on my nerves and I will never like this game because it everytime I try to get the bus off of faith it just doesn't work Fantastic

  •  petsitting123

    petsitting123 Nice game ...I love it..but I prefer children to play this..keep it up✌ Go well

  •  silke_goossens

    silke_goossens OK but OK but we need so much of time to remove the cream from the girl's body and from her face so this make the so boring Recommend

  •  msitoexe

    msitoexe icy Queen makeup party Is because she is going to a bar or something ball like Cinderella and the story it was like she was going on the telephone Muito bom!

  •  chantaal179

    chantaal179 Works really great!! I like this game very much and the game was working really great and the game was really fun too!! The Wifi was all I need to make evrything work really well and it looks like it's really like a working machine that works so I think that you guys need the Wifi too to make it work really really well! Just wow

  •  Amanda10

    Amanda10 Bubblegum blue I loved this because you get to dress Elsa up in the costume that she weres in the film. Superb!

  •  Lizhilia

    Lizhilia Fun The princesses are getting mashashed so what it doesn't even show her naked parts wow lol

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