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À l'intérieur de Bulles de Pensée est le jeu officiel du film à l'Intérieur. En lui, vous devrez tirer et de faire correspondre les couleurs des boules pour les faire disparaître

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La película de Disney y Pixar Del Revés tiene su propio juego. Se trata de Inside Out Thought Bubbles que nos transporta al universo de la película.

El juego de la película Del Revés conocida también como Intensa Mente

El ya mítico Puzzle Bobble ha creado escuela y a ella pertenece este juego, en el que tendremos que lanzar esferas de colores para combinarlas e ir haciéndolas desaparecer para, poco a poco, avanzar niveles. Entre otras, el juego cuenta con las siguientes características:

  • Dispara y combina las esferas.
  • Desbloquea nuevos personajes.
  • 125 niveles.
  • 4 modos de juego distintos.
  • Supera obstáculos.
  • Consigue potenciadores de poderes.
  • Animaciones 3D que te trasladarán a la película.
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  •  Praveeng

    Praveeng I love this game I love this game I play it all the time on my ipad my emotions are joy sadness anger and disgust. Sadly it does not sych to my phone I downloaded this yesterday and just now unlocked sadness. I don't understand why it does not have both versions the same progress. On my ipad version I'm on lv 185. Worth it!

  •  hertake1

    hertake1 Fix bugs please It's fun and addictive. However it's annoying when you have to waste 20 balls just to get the one color ball that you need to make a play. Go well

  •  revnobody

    revnobody Loved by young and old My six year old grandson and I play this game often when we're in the car or waiting somewhere. Admittedly he's pretty good and shows me a thing or two! Lots of fun! Brilliant

  •  amrcurt

    amrcurt Fun, addicting, but... I love playing this game, its fun and addicting for all ages, but they still dont have progress sync so after getting through nearly 200 levels I got a new phone and have to start back at level 1, not sure its worth the hassle. wow lol

  •  jillianhoodson

    jillianhoodson This game is really cool Great characters.. Fun and entertaining. I would recommened those who love tactic games. Easy but my daughter loves this Enjoy it!

  •  mandimac

    mandimac Fun, well done Love this game. I've tried other bubble games, but was disappointed by all the bugs. This game is fun, addictive, and best of all - not buggy. And my 4 year old loves to play it with me. Just wow

  •  Maleka

    Maleka Love it ! However, should be able to earn gems to buy things and I just bought gems and did not get them! I have gone back to the game and still no gems! It said payment successful, so what happened? Still no response:-( Superb!

  •  BakersBodyShop

    BakersBodyShop love it downloaded this in place of another bubble game after playing the inside out playset on disney infinity. still haven't seen the movie but I love this. it's so much fun Fantastic

  •  precogtyrant

    precogtyrant Love it ! However, should be able to earn gems to buy things and I just bought gems and did not get them! I have gone back to the game and still no gems! It said payment successful, so what happened? Just wow

  •  NusCymncync

    NusCymncync Very Addictive Game Love it!!! So much fun to play and my 4 year old is learning colors and numbers and patterns...and he LOVES this movie. .. so It's a harmless teachable and fun Game I trust my son playing with blocked debits for any game purchases.... Awesome

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