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Sauts non-stop avec une couleur de gélatine

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Jelly Jump es un arcade minimalista en el que los jugadores controlarán a una gelatina con la que tendrán que ir saltando sin parar de plataforma en plataforma. La clave del juego, eso sí, es que las plataformas se irán formando justo por encima de nuestra posición, por lo que tendremos que calcular muy bien el salto.

El sistema de control de Jelly Jump es sumamente sencillo: tan sólo hay que pulsar la pantalla una vez para hacer que nuestra gelatina salte. El objetivo será ajustar el salto para que ni la plataforma se haya cerrado sobre nuestra posición, ni esté todavía sin formar y caigamos hacia abajo. Y es que si fallamos aunque sea una vez, la marea negra nos alcanzará y se acabará la partida.

A partir del décimo salto, además, podremos ir recogiendo 'gotas'. Estas gotas nos ayudarán a subir aún más en las siguientes partidas de Jelly Jump, aunque conseguirlas no será nada fácil.

Jelly Jump es un juego sencillo, divertido y muy bonito, que como todos los juegos de Ketchapp combina una mecánica perfecta para terminales táctiles, con un apartado visual precioso.
Por Andrés López
Ketchapp, menos es más

Ketchapp es el nombre de una de las compañías distribuidoras de videojuegos para Android que mejor ha entendido el medio en el que se mueve. Sus juegos, casi todos títulos nuevos y originales (no secuelas), tienen un par de elementos en común: un sistema de control sencillo que ofrece mecánicas basadas en tocar la pantalla con un sólo dedo, y una duración media de la partida muy corta. ¿El motivo? Una pantalla táctil no es un "gamepad" ni un ratón. Y desde luego un teléfono móvil no es una videoconsola o un PC de alta gama. Sí, los terminales Android nos permiten jugar a videojuegos. Pero en Ketchapp han comprendido que estos videojuegos, lejos de imitar a los de sus hermanos mayores, deben buscar su propio camino. Y a ser posible sin incordiar al jugador con peticiones de amistad, 'logins' sociales o micropagos abusivos.
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Commentaires à propos de Jelly Jump

  •  ggkkshrlqf

    ggkkshrlqf Love love love this game!!!!!! I absolutely love this game! Simple fun and challenging, what's not to love.❤❤❤❤ I downloaded this game every time I get a new Android device it's awesome oh and it has some adds but it not like crazy with adds. Adds pop up every once and a while and if it really annoys you that you can pay for no adds personally I don't but to each there own I suppose...oh and you don't have to worry about spending money it actually one of those games that really are free and you dont have to go and do in app purchase. love it

  •  7seoonekenobo

    7seoonekenobo So much fun It's simple yet fun and hard. I also love that it doesn't have a story, because u can make my own. What is the black goop? Dissolvent? Water? And why does the environment and cube change colors? Are they experiments? Do we kill one every time we fail? I love it! 10 out a 10! Flawless

  •  billiemystery2010

    billiemystery2010 Awesome You should definitely get this game because it is a really good game that is super cool. One thing is there's adds every few turns but it's fine because it's not a game MADE of ads. 5 stars!!!! Perfect

  •  nawnwhagmaGar

    nawnwhagmaGar Fun, easy, and a stress reliever! I got this a long time ago and immediately loved it! I played it every day. When I went on my first flight (ya I know I am only 12) I got stressed and scared, but I played this and the relaxing music and graphics took my mind off if it. If you get stressed or just want something fun in your app drawer, I swear by this app. Happy jumping Must have

  •  michealmovie

    michealmovie Amazing Love Game is a pretty good time killer, like I said 'Amazing Love'. But besides the name, Jelly Jump does have some flaws though. Adds pop up sometimes, which could be fixed. But the BIGGEST problem is how much each (jelly) figure costs... 200 orange drop things [the drop things allow you to buy more (jelly) figures]. Hope you enjoyed reading my review. If you like this game you might also enjoy Stack, Color Switch, and Snapchat (I added Snapchat because its good and add Bitmoji) Bye! Check my review on Snapchat Surprisingly

  •  Susan_Quar

    Susan_Quar Addicting I can't stop playing this game. It's challenging as hell and makes me strive to do better every time I play. I only have one complaint, and that's the background music; pick a key and tempo. It's not a different song if you just change those things...not a big enough gripe to take off a star, though. Anyway, can't put it down Great!

  •  nickgalena1

    nickgalena1 Funnn Like super fun and stuff so addictive and awsome u like have to jelly bounce away from the water or hurricane or whatever omgosh lemme get back to it "eeeeeaeeeyyeee" Go well

  •  donaldtlevine

    donaldtlevine Addicting I love this game! The jelly jumping and the shapes are really fun to watch and jump with. I recommend this game for literally being bored. Plus its super easy to get jelly, and I like how all jelly is 200 to unlock new jellies, though sometimes I wish they had rare jellies for 400. Works perfectly

  •  lalith

    lalith I'm confused. But not anymore Rage quit on this game ages ago but good to hav it back. Only one problemo. I can't remember how I upgrade my jelly! When I find out will change this to 5 ☆☆☆☆☆. It is only 2 seconds later and I remember 4 ☆☆☆☆ goodbye love it

  •  yoloanna

    yoloanna Best game ! Awsome game I love it to bits not expensive to buy for no adds at all I love the design and colours it's so awsome Surprisingly

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