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پازل چینشی زیبایی با بیش از 2 هزار تصویر مختلف در دسته بندی های مختلف همچون چشم اندازهای بسیار زیبا، فصول سال، عجایب دنیا و ... شما همچنین میتوانید عکس های خودتان را به صورت پازل در آورید. این بازی میتواند برای کسانی که عاشق پازل های چینشی هستند بازی بسیار جالبی باشد. ویژگی ها: - دارای بیش از 2 هزار تصویر مختلف با گرافیک اچ دی در بیش از 80 دسته بندی - دریافت یک پازل رایگان به صورت روزانه - اضافه شدن مجموعه پازل های جدید در بازه های زمانی معین - دارای 10 درجه سختی که در سخت ترین حالت باید یک پازل 400 تکه ای را حل کنید. - امکان ساخت پازل از هر تصویری که بخواهید. - منحصر به فرد بودن هر کدام از پازل ها و تولید قطعات اتفاقی برای هر کدام از پازل ها - امکان ذخیره سازی پازل ها در هر وضعیتی که باشند، به این ترتیب میتوانید یک پازل را نیمه کاره رها کنید و سراغ پازل دیگری بروید. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Jigsaw Puzzle Epic

  •  seandennis

    seandennis Nice game. These games are enjoying and good for brain..so many pictures and we can choose them and play puzzel and the most good thing is that we can also play puzzel on our own pictures...The game is so nice..❤ Great!

  •  sansmith

    sansmith Realistic! Puzzles are beautiful, prices are not bad and they offer a free one everyday! I love the two different preview pictures. Pieces fit together like they should and they are on the board not some slide drawer on the side. Well worth your time and money! Go well

  •  drgold4you

    drgold4you Well is good but... I can't make my own puzzle I don't know how to make my puzzle can you fix it so it's more easier to make a puzzle please? Recommend

  •  ginadc

    ginadc I like that you can choose the number of pieces you want to play at any time so you can play the same puzzle with levels of difficulty over n over. Amazing!

  •  erarliasto

    erarliasto Very enjoyable Beautiful photos. Different levels of difficulty to choose from. An excellent puzzle game. Works perfectly

  •  vamshivarma

    vamshivarma Beautiful pictures. Just challenging enough to keep my attention without having to dedicate too much time. Cool

  •  indra09

    indra09 Not many pictures I like that there is a free daily puzzle. However, there are less than 200 pictures you can choose from. They're nice but nothing to write home about, and other apps have thousands of photos. There are also flag puzzles you can solve, but that gets old pretty fast. Brilliant

  •  Laxexcalt

    Laxexcalt Good time killer I played this all the time while I was waiting for my third child to grace us with his presence. Must have

  •  Buy Cheap WOW Gold
    Buy Cheap WOW Gold

    Buy Cheap WOW Gold The pictures of the animals and Nature's scenery are beautiful. You can adjust the size of the puzzle pieces yourself. Highly Recommend.

  •  gourmettuna

    gourmettuna Great for all ages So far it's a great app with a good variety of nature & landscape puzzles to choose from plus. Variety of puzzle piece sizes to choose from, so if you have kids, it's a perfect game for them, too. Marvelous

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