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Jeu de Puzzles Jigsaw Réflexion qui est un jeu de puzzle vraiment gratuit! Le puzzle qui vous donne la parfaite expérience de puzzle réflexion gratuite:

Tout dans le jeu est gratuit!
• Les 1800 photos sont gratuites!
• Créez des puzzles personnalisés à partir de vos albums photos? Également gratuit.
• Choisissez un certain nombre de pièces et la rotation dans notre jeu de puzzle - gratuitement également.
Pas besoin de payer pour débloquer les photos ou la version premium.

Et plus:
Tailles de Puzzles Jigsaw: De 9 (puzzle pour enfants) à 1000 pièces (expert en puzzle réflexion).
Vos Propres Photos: Jouez aux puzzles Jigsaw avec n’importe quelle photo de famille que vous avez sur votre téléphone ou votre tablette!
Plus de photos: Plus de 1800 photos avec 25 thèmes.
Puzzle Unique: Chaque pièce forme un design unique de puzzle Jigsaw

La taille du téléchargement en vaut la peine: cela est dû à la vaste quantité de photo de puzzles gratuites inclues, telles que: puzzles réflexion de plage, montagne, jeu de puzzle de château, réflexion de animaux, chats et chiens, Halloween puzzle, etc.

Merci de nous envoyer vos suggestions et reporter tout problème relatif à nos puzzles:
[email protected]

Plus de 150 MILLIONS de puzzles réflexion gratuits joués! Merci d’aimer les Puzzles Jigsaw!

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Commentaires à propos de Jeu de Puzzle Jigsaw Real

  •  bavxekovb

    bavxekovb Very nice app I think it's the best jigsaw puzzle app in the store. I love the new look. Ads removal can be purchased which is a winner for me. I hate ads in apps. Please allow the app to run in landscape mode. It would be much better for seeing pieces. Omg

  •  bikerringshoper

    bikerringshoper Works & you can use your own pictures for free Used the free version for now and it allows you to use your own pictures at no extra cost. The ads are hardly noticeable. The tiles can all be seen on the screen at once ( no scrolling of a side bar), can get cluttered but preferable to fiddling around with a scrollbar. Superb!

  •  Lancedgm

    Lancedgm Please allow to put on SD card 8/19/16: took off a star bc it takes too much space. Original: Best jigsaw puzzle app out there!Nicely done with lots of options. This is my favorite jigsaw app. I like the frequent upgrades. I don't even use any others. Suggestion: trays to sort pieces, also option to spread pieces out (not overlapping). Still love it --years later. Well done!!

  •  OnlinedigitalPR

    OnlinedigitalPR better than most better than most. couple suggestions and 2 gripes - suggestions: ability to move multiple pieces at a time, ability to create separate storage windows to put pieces in (helps categorize & keep game uncluttered), landscape. gripes: 1. having to wait for puzzle to be created every time i open it. takes forever. 2. a lot of the pieces barely resemble the spot it goes to. the dimensions on the "legs" of pieces can be way off. other than that, great job. the zoom is key Amazing!

  •  CarBgigPlDo

    CarBgigPlDo One of the best puzzle games Very realistic. Good images. Ads are not overly obtrusive. Sometimes the game hangs a bit (this does seem to be ad related), and I would love the ability to share work on a puzzle with one or more friends, but other than that, it's about as good as you could hope for in this type of game. Muito bom!

  •  freewb

    freewb Great app, but sluggish I have enjoyed this app a lot. My one complaint is that within the last three months a puzzle will "freeze" for 2 to 7 seconds, once to 10 times per puzzle. I have not been able to duplicate it consistently. Otherwise, great app. Cool

  •  plambs

    plambs Loving These Puzzles I love these puzzles. It is a great time passer. It loads quickly and i like that u can put the same puzzle together with different piece quantities. Couldn't ask for anything better!!!!!! Download u won't regret it. If you have kids this app is great foor them as well...it has small puzzles for them, keeps them busy for hours! Go well

  •  mithuntbs

    mithuntbs Nice choices Nice variety and good edge shapes. Loose the trophy and stay on puzzle until I release it, don't move to a smaller picture. Like to see finished piece longer on screen to appreciate it, or ability to dismiss on my own. Well done!!

  •  AddMental

    AddMental Lovely! I love this game. I can even use my own photos without having to pay and that's a plus. I never saw the point in paying for my own photos. This is a great game after being disappointed with so many of the others. Definitely download this one! Omg

  •  GeeMentor

    GeeMentor Simple and nice jigsaw game It a simple jigsaw game with piece number and rotation options. Fair amount of puzzles available with corners pieces snapping to the board and all pieces snapping to others but the snapping distance is a bit big. Ads not that bad Superb!

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