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Jungle Marble Blast est un jeu zuma de style complète avec intéressant et stimulant.
Vous avez besoin de faire sauter toutes les billes pour terminer les niveaux, en plus, plus marbres vous soufflez et plus de combos que vous faites, score plus élevé que vous obtiendrez. S'il vous plaît rappelez-vous, ne laissez pas la chute de la chaîne dans le trou.
Comment jouer:
1. Appuyez sur l'écran partout pour tirer des billes.
2. Trois ou plusieurs mêmes marbres chaînes peuvent être blast. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
marble blast 2 gratuit, jeux

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Commentaires à propos de Jungle Marble Blast

  •  Wissedusdwevy

    Wissedusdwevy finally got it oh Got my memories when i was small i loved to play this game and now wow wow wow got this game i was searching this game for so many years finally got it Recommend

  •  houccique

    houccique Eureka! I have been searching for this game for years. I have finally found it. It is very challenging and fun. Fabulous!

  •  prnewman

    prnewman Miss Kate Asante Great game, great speed but pretty difficult to identify the colours of the balls so i think it should be improve.

  •  Bonhdrbemip

    Bonhdrbemip Quick, but not to easy It does exactly what it's supposed to do. It's a quick easy game, but not so easy it isn't worth playing.

  •  wgdndfclent

    wgdndfclent Jungle marble blast I'm just getting started, liking it so far. Off to a good start. Want to see a little more excitement, bombs, magic moves stuff like that . I'm going to keep going because I do LIKE IT.

  •  muramatsu08

    muramatsu08 Mary Very fast pace. . . Love it! Frustrating to complete without getting swallowed! Competitive! Grrrrrrrrrrrr! I just keep coming back! Lol!

  •  henryjames134

    henryjames134 Zumba Great game! The marble colors are clean and clear. The speed they exit the tunnel at is comfortable and the shooter accuracy seems to be dead on. All in all, except for the ads, it's a winner!

  •  drychorartecy

    drychorartecy My favorite game This is my favorite because this game is nice and download five time all mobile

  •  haseeb_seo

    haseeb_seo Fun and addictive game. What I enjoy about this game is that I can play it using my stylus and don't need to use my finger. Makes it much easier to point and shoot. I'm definitely starting to get addicted to this game.

  •  Cindyltj

    Cindyltj Very slow Not possible to change ball colour like other zuma games & too many ads.Uninstalled.

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