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Jungle Marble Blast est un jeu simple, mais il's plaisir.

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Versão: 2.2.5
Tamanho: 21M


Jungle Marble Blast est un jeu simple mais il est amusant.
Votre objectif est d'éliminer toutes les billes, mais ne laissez pas la chaîne atteindre la fin.

Comment jouer:
1. Appuyez sur l'écran où vous voulez tirer
2. Match 3 ou plus les mêmes marbres pour les éliminer
3. Plus de combinaisons et de chaînes pour obtenir plus de points et trois étoiles
4. 78 niveaux différents Mostram as palavras do Editor:
marble blast 2 gratuit, jeux, jeu zuma

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Commentaires à propos de Jungle Marble Blast

  •  myplusli

    myplusli Great fun I liked the app and finished the levels. However I found that the closer I got to the end, even if I finished the level on the first try, I still got one star. No glitches or problems. If you don't want ads try turning off your data or WiFi. Flawless

  •  swathipayal20

    swathipayal20 A little too fast Would also like to have the option for sound on, but without the irritating music Pretty good

  •  actiongamehouse

    actiongamehouse Like it Clean graphics, reachable goals. The only draw back..no option to mute the music. Great job

  •  nexgenseocompany

    nexgenseocompany Very nice I like the game its very nice to play if ever im free time.. I play this game... 5 star

  •  Ideattave

    Ideattave This game tends to give me a colored marble that I don't even have on my board. Frustrating Flawless

  •  hjcapqoewd

    hjcapqoewd Eureka! I have found it! This is one of my favorite games. I have been searching and searching for it. Now I can play it for hours. I love this game. Awesome

  •  WilliamDV

    WilliamDV Level 1 is a joke It is impossible. No matter how much you try you will lose anyway. The marble shooter is too close to the moving marbles which makes it very hard to shoot. Besides the distance to the hole is too short for level 1. There is nothing to help you move the marbles backward. Cool

  •  ogdopszln

    ogdopszln I love the game irritating a bit cuz its challenging but one js need to get the hang of it. Lots of fun Just wow

  •  Plumbers22

    Plumbers22 This darn game won't let me win! I've been on st.#1. For 20. Min. Already. But; So far I'm ENJOY ing it. Works great

  •  dykaus

    dykaus Nice game But how to move on after level 32??? Anyone know about it?? I cannot play after level 32...plz help Surprisingly

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