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Rêvant de devenir une star de l'Été, les Sports? Eh bien, maintenant vous pouvez!

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Versão: 2.01
Tamanho: 24M


Vous rêvez de devenir la star des sports d'été ? Eh bien, maintenant vous pouvez le devenir !

Ketchapp Summer Sports est un jeu d'arcade fun pour défier vos amis et le monde entier.

Collectez des pièces pour débloquer de nouveaux items. Améliorez votre temps et vos capacités pour perfectionner vos résultats.

Êtes-vous prêts pour le défi ultime ? Battez le record du monde ! Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Ketchapp Summer Sports

  •  dmbozeman123

    dmbozeman123 Fun game but laggy The game was enjoyable and ran smoothly when I first downloaded it but now it lags meaning everything is mistimed. Too many ads slowing it down! Highly Recommend.

  •  IndoPotlot

    IndoPotlot It's fun but needs more sports Like it alot, it's fun and easy pick up and play. Does need more sports like swimming, cycling etc and racing others to make it a more compelling and fun game! Muito bom!

  •  panjshergems

    panjshergems It's fun It's quite gun but I don't like that you can't choose the event, you just have to go through them all. Good game all the same wow lol

  •  heyjerson

    heyjerson Awesome games ruined by cheaters This game is so simple to play and addictive and super fun. But the leader boards are owned by cheaters with impossible times and scores which ruins a lot of the fun. Google play support would be good too. Fabulous!

  •  petermarcus22

    petermarcus22 Quit complaining If your weak phone can't handle this game then you should probably get a better phone or clear out some damn space. Running on OnePlus 3 and this game runs smooth like butter. Fabulous!

  •  dhqsem

    dhqsem Ok Looks good and is simple to play but probably won't last long on my phone. Also watching ads for extra points doesn't seem to work. wow lol

  •  sonadiamondm

    sonadiamondm Love kettapp This brand of games is awsome so many different games and some you don't need wifi now that is what I call a good games company and everybody loves in my family Amazing!

  •  Moriah

    Moriah best game ever I currently hold the world record in running (at least i think so, the sign is blue and is more than my record) So everybody is complanong about lag but thats just not happening for me. You guys have done track and field sports of you should do diving and swimming in 1 game and gymnastics in another but if thats to much i understand Perfect!

  •  purpleangelbaby

    purpleangelbaby Addictive I love this game and play it all the time but I think in the new update new sports should be added. Also it's a bit glitchy which is really distracting Flawless

  •  triscope

    triscope It is a good game but... It needs more sports only, otherwise it is an exellent game. Also I had not gotten any lagging. Superb!

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