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Jeux grattage gratuit.

Ce jeu à gratter est utile pour passer du temps en famille.

Vous profiterez d’une VÉRITABLE expérience de loterie à gratter.

Plein de tickets à gratter avec le thème de Las Vegas. Sont inclus : MOTS CROISÉS, Black Jack, FENTES DE VEGAS, Diamant 777...

Si vous aimez également jouer à la loterie, NE MANQUEZ PAS ce jeu de cartes à gratter.

Seulement à des fins de divertissement, vous ne pouvez pas gagner de véritable argent ave ce jeu. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Jeux a Gratter Las Vegas

  •  rodolfostuar717

    rodolfostuar717 Las vegas Scratch This game is so fun i play for hours and hours until my arm gets sore from scratching for too long Works great

  •  frankleach410

    frankleach410 Yes!! So much fun and my addiction to scratch cards is controlled for free! Thank you for this awesome app Highly Recommend.

  •  jasperflemin323

    jasperflemin323 I like scratch offs I may have a problem. I like scratch offs. I downloaded this game because I can spend pretend money and scratch as mine as I like. Not bad

  •  ernieromero1128

    ernieromero1128 It told me YOU ARE THE WINNER... Did I win I hope to Jesus Christ this is real money...it told me I won about $13,300 LOL HOW DO I GET THE MONEY..SO DO I GET A MAIL IN MY EMAIL BOX OR WHAT..IN JESUS CHRIST NAME..WHERES MY WINNING MONEY?? LOL... :) EXCITED IF THIS IS REAL.... Fabulous!

  •  raulriggs613

    raulriggs613 Cooool I like this game.It's fun to actually win at scratch tickets even though the winnings are simulated.More varieties please. Worth it!

  •  Briceer5

    Briceer5 Addicted Loved it...good job with this one!!! It really feel like I bought them from the store Muito bom!

  •  robincraft38

    robincraft38 Fun It's a great app with quality graphics... Easy to play and easy to handle... So give it a try and download the dam app now...... love it

  •  marrypearson

    marrypearson So fun... Wish I was really winning ask that money. My Kay year of life was horrible and I'm in debt. Have son n dog n want tho pay off debts n get or of here. Have month not even to post en all off. N have new place but until debts r paid his can I manage it. Oh n Fantastic

  •  HRJH2009

    HRJH2009 Love it. I use to buy scratch offs all the time. And now since I have this game on my phone it makes me want to play this game instead of going to spend 50 dollars or more at the store

  •  juliuspk

    juliuspk Love it Even though it's not real money I still love it and it also helps you know how to win a scratch off in real life but the only problem I have is that it doesn't give you large amount of money you only get 10 grand and under no more than that but I love it although it's not real

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