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Tu as été invité à participer au Tournoi des éléments de Maître Chen.

Mets à profit ton entraînement Ninja pour débloquer ton véritable potentiel et vaincre les autres maîtres des éléments !
Affronte les tout nouveaux maîtres des éléments, dotés chacun de talents particuliers.
Combats les ennemis bien connus des Ninjagos dans l'arène de Chen : les Maîtres du Spinjitzu (série TV).
Améliore les performances de tes personnages : plus tu les utilises et plus ils deviennent forts !
Débloque tes personnages préférés, comme Sensei Garmadon, Snike et Mindroïde !
Libère la puissance du Spinjitzu pour affronter toutes les vagues d'adversaires !
Affronte un nouveau mystérieux ennemi...

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Commentaires à propos de LEGO® Ninjago Tournament

  •  dheerajsharma

    dheerajsharma Sick My friend told me for this game a I got it and it is so fun believe me get it.so cool with QA Flawless

  •  loredan

    loredan Lego ninjago This game is cool because I like it that's for all yall damn sitti bitches out there Works great

  •  FatBawn

    FatBawn Dude it sucks 3 maps really At least let it be open world like gta and really dude if u want a good character all u have to do is go to QA and u can get millions of studs. Game makers this is all to u and text back because I bet everyone can make it better not being mean but u could have put a whole lot more of effort into this game this could have been the new thaing.i love ninjago ur game is not ninjago and I might give it three stars just because I love ninjago please make it better. Highly Recommend.

  •  sserrffaz

    sserrffaz Hmmmmmmm I wonder if morro master of wind is in the game now because it says that I'm gonna fight a new foe Omg

  •  BillDons

    BillDons I love NINJAGO, l had never seen such a cartoon in my life. I really 5 star

  •  ChillE33

    ChillE33 Epic omg this is totally awesome lego ninjogo is one of my favorite tv shows be side henry danger and lab rats Its awsome and worth it I know I said to much but this game is awesome just awesome enjoy you can get free coins and you get a lot you get 10.00.0 Omg

  •  HimalayanInstitute

    HimalayanInstitute I Love This Game. Please add the Nrgs! I love the game in its entirety but can you add the nrg ninja? I love Zane and am a Zane fan myself, and I would like the Nrg ninja, Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane in this game! Perfect!

  •  SheldonLobo

    SheldonLobo Like it but We need more level not just one and we need like level that we can drive vehicle Great job

  •  narutohay

    narutohay Best game Great game but you should add more characters really good but you should add some season 5 and 6 characters and more arenas Worth a go!

  •  snullyinquity

    snullyinquity :(| You need to wait for it to work and plz add elemental powers and dule sory for spelling but plz add it to beat up people in your wifi then I will give a five STARZ.and add nya water ninja and the purple ninja and moro :p . And nadacan add new people by the time a new season :) i do not know what is in minor update Works perfectly

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