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Scooby-Doo et sa bande ont découvert la carte d'un trésor caché et une mystérieuse clé LEGO qui peut être montée pour ouvrir toutes les portes !

Incarne Daphné, Véra, Sammy ou Fred et aide Scooby-Doo à trouver les pièces manquantes de la clé LEGO, retrouve les trésors cachés, démasque les méchants et résous les nombreuses énigmes de l'île hantée.

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Commentaires à propos de LEGO® Scooby-Doo Haunted Isle

  •  fyndreava

    fyndreava Coolest game ever It is cool and awesome and the boss battles are amazing .4 and 5 bosses are hard to win against. I wish the game was long. there are only 5 levels so I finished it in thirty minutes. Fabulous!

  •  alfiereginald

    alfiereginald It was pretty fun very short it took me like 3 hours to beat its good to see the gang back in a game but there should be more levels an u should play as Scooby too ik he the person u play but it would be more fun but it was a great game Works perfectly

  •  ebrindia

    ebrindia Good fun game except characters won't run left and do not jump like they should. Headless horseman impossible to beat due to the running issue. Recommend

  •  cu3oxgal

    cu3oxgal Why So Short? My kids finished this in an hour :-( Would have been 5 stars if it had more levels. Still fun though! Pretty good

  •  joenichols616

    joenichols616 I loved it!♡♡♥♥ Its fun.i got this app February 14.and sence I started I liked it.theres 1 question.how do you even beat the bosses?I love the way you have your own unique attack.other than the boss issue,I loved it so much!good job crators! Perfect!

  •  cbjpromos

    cbjpromos Cool game I like this game rocks and also I was playing this and guess what you know what happened this cool thing happened like I could download other games but it wouldn't go and it go with my phone so it since I didn't do that I had so much fun. Pretty good

  •  evolutionizing

    evolutionizing Liked it... It was fun. The controls are kind of messed up and don't react the way they should, which makes the game down right hard at times. This was a challenging little game...I am still fighting with it. Perfect

  •  pavlina16

    pavlina16 Glitches at some parts, especially at the vampire boss battle; had to retry multiple times in order to somehow prevent the glitch from occurring. Overall very fun game! It could have been better if there was something like an ending scene(video type thing) where it comes to a complete closure. Personally, I would have preferred if there were some more levels as well as other various interactions in the game. If possible please make a sequel or maybe a prequel of this game! Pretty good

  •  mjjxttpfy

    mjjxttpfy Number 1 fan of Scooby-Doo I have been loving him since I was four and when I saw this game I had to have it. It's fun you get to pick the character you want to be. YOU GOT TO GET THIS GAME!!!! Good

  •  oqyyrwiux

    oqyyrwiux Won't load My kids like this game. Unfortunately they only got to play the first level. When they try to play the next level, screen goes black and then closes. Please fix this Recommend

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