Lep's World for Android

nerByte GmbH
Super Mario Bros 'lutin'
  • Yxhdrqcd

    Yxhdrqcd Its awesome This game is a totally enjoyment please everyone download this .I hope you will like it very much Enjoy it!

  • MuffinShy08

    MuffinShy08 Not to impressed Its a good game, just too many adds and sometimes crashes :/ and also it doesn't let me jump half of the time, so ruins the game completely :( wow lol

  • KiomowahMeeq

    KiomowahMeeq Nice on But key controls were not so good as expected. Need to work hard on the key controls. Otherwise its a good game. Superb!

  • jineay

    jineay Best games It abouletly amazing love this game there are a few adds but that only 2 or 3 but it really addicting Fabulous!

  • samdavids

    samdavids Good I keep getting and deleting it cause I onley am in the mood for it when I just woke or is bedtime it also installs really fast cool Must have

  • Artiguerhig

    Artiguerhig #Fabulous*** I love this game becoz i like their animations.....and all the scenes of display like flying fire,cocroaches and snails.... Perfect

  • zanoxman

    zanoxman Functions fail Good game but i always have trouble with running back key and jump key sometimes stops mid jump and is very frustrating. If i restet phone buttons work for a bit again then start failing again. Needs bug fixed Highly Recommend.

  • bakarasik

    bakarasik Freezes I think this game would be really good for people who like to play the Mario games 5 star

  • QMusicGroup

    QMusicGroup I love this game! Great for passing time... I just wish some of the courses weren't so hard Worth a go!

  • banksdetective

    banksdetective Great Game but why updates are there everyday? Do u even know what are u doing by pushing updates everyday with the same channeling? Great job

  • AbramsFamily

    AbramsFamily Loved it but , I loved this game but i have a probelm with the hearts. They easily get finished..... Marvelous

  • vincen00

    vincen00 Hi my name is Fatima Ahmed I love you is play is good places took my is is you love play took place fatima is like ok you like took please my is places ok Works perfectly

  • swtorbuygey

    swtorbuygey It took me to my childhood.... Memory of mario ... But sometimes it makes phn slow down Recommend

  • DealSpeeds

    DealSpeeds \m/ Thee BEST Mario like game ever!! Download it now! You wont regret it. Also try Leps World 2 & 3. Omg

  • bilcvhguqpv

    bilcvhguqpv Awesome!!! I downloaded this game from a long time and I LOVED it. Try it and install it. Best Game EVER!!! Brilliant

  • blaauyew

    blaauyew Great game Loooooove this game. It is like mario bros. But with a leperchaun. Officially addicted Fantastic

  • axbkxngme

    axbkxngme Much Needed App This is exactly what older mobile gamers needed. Nostalgic feeling from the good old days of NES. A must have! Awesome

  • gmeoldxvvk

    gmeoldxvvk Great game but with bugs The game is great but quite often when I click the "Extra trial watch video" button, it doesn't play any video and then I'm forced to start the level from beginning. It seems like the problem started after the latest update. Omg

  • TageantErence

    TageantErence Additive "Easy controls on my S7. Love this game.I cannot put my phone down. Levels are sweet!" Marvelous

  • grgzgspikc

    grgzgspikc Its ok Good graphics, levels decent, but i think it needs more of a challenge, boss battle be nice. Amazing!