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Lords Mobile es un juego de estrategia en tiempo real, en el que los jugadores tendrán que construir un imperio y enfrentarse a otros jugadores de todo el mundo en emocionantes batallas multitudinarias. Además, podrán personalizar las habilidades y el equipamiento de sus campeones.

El sistema de gestión del imperio es el habitual dentro de la mayoría de juegos de estrategia para Android. Es decir, necesitaremos utilizar distintos recursos (piedra, madera, comida...) para construir nuevos edificios, con los que en última instancia podremos construir más y mejores edificios.

Durante las batallas los jugadores no podrán controlar directamente a sus ejércitos. Lo que sí tendrán que hacer será controlar la moral de sus tropas y, por supuesto, preparar a sus campeones antes de que comiencen los enfrentamientos. Una buena armadura y un buen arma pueden inclinar la balanza en favor de nuestro héroe.

Además de las batallas online contra otros jugadores, en Lords Mobile encontraremos muchas misiones para un jugador que nos permitirán seguir el modo historia. En esta modalidad de juego podremos enfrentarnos contra enemigos especiales, que pondrán a prueba los límites de nuestro ejército.

Lords Mobile es un juego de estrategia y gestión notable, que cuenta con un apartado visual espectacular. Mención especial para las batallas multitudinarias, con más de un centenar de unidades en pantalla.
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Commentaires à propos de Lords Mobile

  •  sandiegoplumber

    sandiegoplumber Awesome! Great game, has the best part of all my favorite games. Arena style pvp with your heros. Time based army and home turf for building and training. Monster hunts are cool, could be more interactive. Easy access to guilds and guild to guild communication which I've never seen before, or at least not as accessible as y'all made it. And live help from an actual person within minutes of having a problem. Wow IGG, you guys really set the bar high. Well done! Good

  •  iance567

    iance567 The biggest issue i have with the game is the repair time of the walls, it is trully ridicules. And also the unfairness of the stronger players against the weaker ones that are only starting up. You guys should implement a system to either level out the competition or a point deduction system for the guilds to regulate their attacks. If they attack strong oponents they receive an x amount of points and if they attack much weaker players or new players they get penalised for it. Perfect!

  •  dolphindetective

    dolphindetective Best Game By far the best game I have played in years on mobile. Complicated, but not too much; fun, engaging and not pay to win. You will not regret trying this game out. Update: Back to 5 stars, best game in the store. Cool

  •  totseeyy

    totseeyy 2 more stars for notifications This is a good game with good features but one major flaw that has me ready to quit if it's not remedied like yesterday. No guild notifications when our members are under attack. It means being in a guild is not very useful. I've played other games that have this feature and it allows guilds to protect their own while members are offline. Without it, new players are sitting ducks once the shield is gone until they get strong enough and I'm not messing with that. For better gaming, make guild notifications. Omg

  •  UttetsShugs

    UttetsShugs Lords Mobile This is a fun and addicting game. I'm having a lot of fun playing it. Only problem is they have no care for balance in IGG, the racist chinese on k29 are horrible and LGG refuses to do anything about the racism and bullying. I belive others should stop rating this game 5 stars until its worthy of 5 stars. Brilliant

  •  sonucares4u

    sonucares4u would give a better rating but... everything cost too much dont get me wrong it is a fun game but i dont like how everything is so expensive... to the point where you have to pay, bring down some of the prices for gems and you will get a better rating Superb!

  •  neoncomputers

    neoncomputers GREAT GAME I feel like in the guild ranks or just in the guild period u should have more customizable freedom. Like give permissions to each rank. What they really should do is have a way to know where ur entire guild is by clicking on their name and their location pops up. But other than that AMAZING GAME. Just wow

  •  WoWLvling7

    WoWLvling7 Fun game with great potential Very expensive if you want to compete with all the racist chinese bullies. Some of the mechanics are off but igg likes to deny it and stealth fix it later on. Hopefully igg wil lower the price of upgrades to help everyone compete instead of making it a massive pay to win game. Pretty good

  •  plotahuh

    plotahuh Amazing Game The game Works Excellently with my phone, it has great side hero quest kind of like a MMO and I love to watch the battle of the soilders during attacks. The quality for it is also very pleasing. Didn't expect much from the game when I first got it but it really surprised me. Very happy with all updates and I can't wait for more. Great job

  •  TheStreetReview

    TheStreetReview NEED MORE GAMES LIKE THIS There is so much to do in this game. It's not just a basic RPG. Not only can you build an army but you also have heroes an just like you can build your army you can unlock new heroes. You can send your heroes out to hunt monsters, while at the same time have your army gathering resources. An something else this game has is you can reduce research time, construction, am training time with each level you gain by using your talent points. An you gain VIP points for every day that you login. Need more like it!! wow lol

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