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Jigsaw puzzle est le plus célèbre programme d'entraînement cérébral du jeu parmi tous les autres puzzles!

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"Puzzles Magiques" est une collection constamment mise à jour de puzzles originaux pour les vrais amateurs de remue-méninges! Des photos thématiques aux couleurs gaies, de nouvelles opportunités et une musique agréable vous aideront à oublier les soucis du quotidien et vous procureront un passe-temps fascinant.

Amusez-vous bien:
- Plus de 5 000 magnifiques puzzles à haute définition - n'hésitez pas à explorer et à entrer dans le jeu!
- Une galerie d'images constamment mise à jour et un nouveau puzzle gratuit tous les jours!
- 5 niveaux de difficulté (jusqu'à 630 pièces) : soyez d'abord débutant, puis devenez expert!
- Mode de rotation pour un plus grand défi. Déplacez les pièces en groupes!
- Créez vos propres puzzles à partir de vos photos !
- Travaillez sur plus d'un puzzle à la fois et voyez vos progrès!
- Grand choix d'arrière-plans! Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Puzzles Magiques

  •  fdgdgbdbxddgg

    fdgdgbdbxddgg Magic Jigsaw Puzzles A mind enhancing game designed to instill fun. This is a fun game especially when doing the monthly games and not knowing what you are putting together for sure--it's a surprise! Many fun puzzles that I have increased playing ability. love it

  •  Hachsoche

    Hachsoche Great app, a bit too addictive but works well. The only thing to watch out for is some of the "increase speed" apps. I lost my purchased puzzles when I had to reconfigure my virus checker/speed up app and then delete and reload this app. Be careful, but it's still my go-to relaxing app! FUN! ENJOY! Omg

  •  Randstad

    Randstad It keeps saying im out of space , when i know i have space , example Near the install button , aug 25 thursday the game is finnaly fixed , thank you Must have

  •  venucgvs

    venucgvs Relaxing I really enjoy just curling up on the couch and relaxing by doing a puzzle or two. Every puzzle so far has been a fun challenge, with a beautiful pic at the end. Great job

  •  yrmgjj

    yrmgjj I like it but rewards are very limited. There was one free pack very early in the piece but then no more. I am at level 6 and redoing them all now using more pieces. Just thought would get some kind of free extra jigsaws when all were completed. Amazing!

  •  rreeve

    rreeve I like it but Don't get me wrong I love doing jigsaw puzzles. But like someone else said it depends on rewards to get new puzzles. And you have to pay to actually get the app without any ads plus you can add your own pictures once you get rid of the ads and pay for the actual app itself. Superb!

  •  thophymuh

    thophymuh Fun challenge The puzzles can be challenging as you want but pieces get smaller and harder to see for me the more challenging. You get a new free puzzle everyday and more you can buy. But if space is a concern you will have to delete some older ones you done or don't want to do. Pretty good

  •  mraskari

    mraskari Very nice I very much like the pictures that are included. The only thing I would like to see is being able to zoom. Just for us older folks who have trouble seeing those tiny little pieces. Other than that the app works well. I particularly like that it scrolls through the pics you have completed at the startup screen. Well done folks. Marvelous

  •  francineparent

    francineparent Almost a great puzzle app There are some major differences between cell phone and tablet versions. With the phone, puzzles are broken down into smaller manageable sections. With the tablet, you're left looking at the entire puzzle, pieces in the tray are really low resolution, and once you drag the pieces on to the table top they are too tiny to identify, especially when using the higher piece counts. Preview also works very different between the two, on tablet you get an image window that looks like a small box top. On the phone the image is shadowed on to the backdrop itself. App is also a major battery killer, which is why I wanted to play it on tablet. Improving tablet performance with higher res pieces and a zoom function would make this a five star app Works perfectly

  •  stevenstrong

    stevenstrong Not as good as I expected! The commercial leads people to think that everything is free when its not! This app is pretty much all good except for the fact that you can only play with the puzzles that are displayed for free. I tried to play with the puzzle I made and it said I had to pay $4.99 to play with my own puzzle! Must have

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