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اگر به بازی های مبارزه ای و هیجان انگیز علاقه مندید این بازی را ازدست ندهید! شخصیت جنگجوی خود را انتخاب کنید. بخش‌های مختلف ظاهر او را به سلیقه‌ی خودتان شخصی‌سازی نمایید. در محیطی تاریک و متفاوت حرکت کنید. دشمنان را از بین ببرید. سکه‌ و الماس‌ها را جمع کنید. این بازی دارای محیط کلاسیک بازی‌های دوبعدی قدیمی است. توجه داشته باشید، این بازی پس از نصب، نیاز به دانلود دیتا دارد. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Magic Rampage

  •  zkicwbiet

    zkicwbiet still loving it I've been playing this game since 1-2 years ago and yeah this game still flutters me. great visuals, and i don't really get what others said about the missing sfx/soundtrack/responsiveness of the controls (I'm using nexus 5) but yeah i could be laggy quite bad when there's a lot going on:') and i agree that the new levels are tough, especially the dragon stage. i think i will need to struggle like crazy to get the star on that stage:') but thank you very much andre sante! good luck for you! Works great

  •  qzjorjz

    qzjorjz Great game, one of few games you can play all way without paying, although it's a lot better if you do Not bad

  •  rqahtdw

    rqahtdw This game is fun and I'm glad I found it. I'm only giving 4* because there are a few bugs that need fixing: Audio and/of sound effects randomly cutting out or stopping. This happens to me often--the stage music will play, but I can't hear my hits. Control problems. When trying to do a * run or even a regular run, there will be times when my character keeps moving in the same diretion, even if my thumb is off the screen. This has lead to multiple deaths/hits that would be otherwise avoidable. Please fix these. I'm loving it otherwise. love it

  •  uvfwvnkdwzh

    uvfwvnkdwzh A hack-and-slash platformer definitely worth recommending! PS. I hope you can make the female soldier (and other characters) playable again in future levels. It's completely free & you're not pressured to make IAPs in order to progress. Even game coins aren't hard to come by. Also, graphics & sounds are nice, ads aren't a problem, and gameplay is simple, smooth, and fun. Liked the variety of gears too, and the option to save multiple game files to the cloud. Looking forward to more levels & games from this developer. Suggestions: Fix the (rare) screen-scrolling & auto-control bugs, adjust the dragon level's difficulty, and add more inventory expansion chests. Cool

  •  Jojo530

    Jojo530 Good, but buggy. Amazing visuals, good gameplay, lots of gear, no ads, almost free... probably the best side platformer on play. BUT, it becomes unresponsive at times, jump and attack buttons especially. The new level for example, as soon as the dragon appears, it's like jump and attack don't exist, you can tapp until your thumbs fall off, nothing. It also happens in survival, when you have 300+ kills. Maybe it's my device, which isn't a flagship, but also isn't garbage. It's not like I'm trying to play GTA V on it. Asphalt for example, runs like a charm. If it is the device, maybe you should add a visual quality adjustment, so it would run faster. One more thing. The new levels are really hard, 101% completion is insane. I wonder what will the next levels be like then, probably something like Ghosts and Ghouls Muito bom!

  •  stevenstern

    stevenstern Great game Really cool game that is fun and quite challenging. Difficulty curve in higher levels increase fast but nothing bad. The support is awesome too. Ran into a problem and resolved within hours. Highly Recommend.

  •  arxxICF

    arxxICF Spent 45 total Include an in-game monster reference guide, with names of zombies, their stats and weakness...Since the last update, MR Has become very unresponsive to the controls and wjhen I double tap to double shoot it zooms as if on a webpage. PLEASE FIX worked fine before update on my HTC one. Was well worth it. Loved the game play (edit)and the challenges new dungeons are AWESOME!! Love the hidden areas.. Spend another 10 to get 700,000 gold. Woowoo!! Go well

  •  evetamon

    evetamon Excellence Very fun, music is excellent, sound effects are great, enjoy the slow motion kills. Very satisfying game overall. Seems an impossible task to get stars on all levels Great job

  •  SprimPressOffice

    SprimPressOffice Great game Free, no ads, lots of fun. Especially satisfying to see things explode when I throw a giant hammer at them. Must have

  •  Milagro4252

    Milagro4252 Best Android Game The story is deep and interesting, gameplay is fluid and unique, with weapons made to suit every playstyle. Best game I've played on Android. Surprisingly

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