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Confortable jeu jeu de tuiles de mahjong pour supprimer la même image sans limite de temps.

- Difficulté est classé comme facile, normal, difficile, vous pouvez choisir en fonction de vos compétences.
- Ajout d'une autre en cinq Mahjong type d'image de tuile est disponible.
- Vous pouvez faire correspondre avec un autre joueur dans le monde.
- Ajouter carte sera déverrouillé lorsque vous avez gagné multijoueur.
- Trucs et articles shuffle peuvent être utilisés indéfiniment.
- Supporte Réalisations et Classements.
- Prend en charge les tablettes.

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Commentaires à propos de mahjong roi

  •  marcmacy

    marcmacy Mahjong King Love the challenging levels. Fun game for your brain or just have fun. Fun game to play. Great job

  •  tamjout

    tamjout Lots of fun! Time to waste? Need to relax? This is a great puzzle game to keep you busy and not bored :) Brilliant

  •  babaaryan

    babaaryan Relaxing This is something I can do when waiting at a doctor's office. I don't have to think about anything but the puzzle pieces. Go well

  •  michaeleckermannet

    michaeleckermannet Mahjong So far I like this game I'm just waiting for it to get more challenging because I just started and these boards are too easy Superb!

  •  rajarec

    rajarec Love it This game comes in multi levels for the fun in everyone! I encourage mahjong lovers to enjoy the game for many hours. Maybe someone will developed one to play with others! Pretty good

  •  opencompinsti

    opencompinsti Freezing Keeps freezing mid puzzle. Have to completely shut down the app by clearing out my open apps and start the board over again Omg

  •  ordinynen

    ordinynen This is alot of fun , relaxing, and yet challenging . it's also easy and you'll love it . Give it a try, you won't be sorry. love it

  •  PrennyMexLeme

    PrennyMexLeme Excitingly, Super, n Fabulous; My first time,, and didn't want to stop.. Just a Blast of Fun!! Go have some fun your self.. Not bad

  •  thedomeguy

    thedomeguy Fantastic and exciting in every game This is the first time I actually enjoyed every zap and zing.of this game. Love this game. Love Mahjong anyways.but this is surperb Recommend

  •  systweak

    systweak Easy level It's EZ and fast play. Quite fun! Trying next difficulty level soon. How difficult can it be? Right? Perfect!

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