Marble Legend for Android

Un jeu de couleurs dans le style de Zuma
  • dpeace

    dpeace Marble legend The game is owesome loved it I finished all levels in all parts but I need more lol Highly Recommend.

  • UnsoxyinisH

    UnsoxyinisH Love it but always returns to level 113!! I love the game but I've passed level 113 several times already up to 115 and it always returns back to 113 :-( Please help! Works perfectly

  • BizWonk

    BizWonk Awesome I remember playing this game on the computer when I was younger brings me nostalgia to see it on mobile Well done!!

  • Infotechsmg11

    Infotechsmg11 Fun game! I don't like game notifications. I will delete the game if it continues to notify me of levels and things when I'm not playing, I don't like being pestered. It is fun when you can play on your own time without interruptions. Omg

  • bakshianu7

    bakshianu7 Ab superior I would hav rate it five star, if i can select any level of my choice after i finished the whole level. Worth it!

  • KayleLox

    KayleLox Marble game is good and fun but sometimes can't see balls for ads or other poor placement of timer and score board. Awesome

  • xiaotuzhu

    xiaotuzhu Nice. unfortunately, it has an end. Again I have reached the end the second time. update please! Just wow

  • TafeIdoff

    TafeIdoff My proudly to admin I Freedon Rwekaza,I got it easy and its good in to use so retake it plz my friend Well done!!

  • Bymnnamyvep

    Bymnnamyvep Progress doesn't save It's great, but poorly placed ads interrupt gameplay at times. More importantly, my progress is no longer saving. I start at the same level every time I open the game. Go well

  • pragati

    pragati Amazing A game to play with interest is important thing. Graphics and comfortably and Easy to play. I love this. Not like other marble legend. Flawless

  • marshalkim

    marshalkim Good game but the ads take up too much space Game plays really well but the placement of the ads ruin the gameplay. If the ads were better placed in the game I'd rate it 5 starts Flawless

  • akktfl

    akktfl Fun but.. Addictive game but ad placement sucks. They cover too much of the screen while playing and then completely obscure the scoreboard between rounds. Also swiping down from the top does not allow access to the Android system buttons making it difficult to exit. wow lol

  • lgqgyl

    lgqgyl Fun Very much !Ike Zuma just as compelling. ..... tell all those Zuma addicts out there !! .the ads that pay the programmers are a bit much in that they drop you in to Google play still ez to return. Don't like ads? Pay for the ad free version !! Go well

  • Sudanese

    Sudanese More levels My game notifications keep telling me to download more levels but when I check there aren't anymore to download, have completed this twice to the end, when will there be more? Recommend

  • orarawetnax

    orarawetnax Cool Game Its a fun game but there are way too many ad banners popping up and they are in the way when shooting the ball so you end up clicking on ads frequently. If you have patients to keep closing ads than have at it. Awesome

  • zoippz

    zoippz Brings back good memories I used to spend hours playing a game called Zuma as a kid and once again I find it. Love this game to peices Worth it!

  • Leeyucom

    Leeyucom Love game But... I love this game. I understand it is free and I will deal with the ads. But, every time I try to exit out of an ad it takes me to it anyway. I have also had an ad at the bottom interfere with my play. Frustrating! Amazing!

  • kai1987

    kai1987 Love Considering I beat the whole game, level 205 I believe, I can easily say I love it Awesome

  • qfcztfmyhgm

    qfcztfmyhgm It's ok No story. Adds are in the worst places. And it gets hard way to fast. I only have so much space on my phone so delete. Go well

  • bioteotommott

    bioteotommott Time and battery consuming game, very addictive. The constant full screen ads are super annoying, especially when you have to exit them three times in a row or when their stacked. If you've been playing for a while the ads pop up every 2 minutes. But ut a good game so far. Surprisingly