Téléchargements Casse-tête avec des allumettes para Android

Bojan Klabjan

+ De 1000 puzzles avec des matchs en 12 épisodes de différentes tailles,formes et design

( 515,495 )
Versão: 1.15
Tamanho: 5.9M


Dans ce jeu classique vous devrez résoudre des puzzles avec des allumettes
en déplaçant, ajoutant, et enlevant des allumettes jusqu'à trouver le bon résultat !

Vous aimez les jeux de reflexion nécessitant toute votre intelligence ?
1000+ puzzles en 10+ épisodes. Pleins de formes, tailles, et équations

Jouez avec des allumettes sans le moindre danger. En plus c'est addictif et gratuit !
- Sublimes graphismes compatible pour tablettes 7 pouces et 10 pouces et haute définition
- Fonctionne sur les appareils les moins puissants
- Multi-lingue (et également en Français!)

- Inclue Google Play Services
↗ Cloud save - Enregistre votre progression et permet de reprendre votre partie sur n'importe quel appareil
↗ Classements - Comparez vos résultats aux autres
↗ Réussites - plus de fun
- Sons, Vibrations et Musiques spécialement créées pour le jeu

Aide niveau 12 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1413726595558329

Google Plus https://plus.google.com/105137875611214782707/posts
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/K-LAB/1413517848912537

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Commentaires à propos de Casse-tête avec des allumettes

  •  vkfekwl

    vkfekwl Good game, keeps the brain going Like the game , but there are too many equation problems, and they're are all too similar and boring. More shape problems please 5 star

  •  rosiemoon

    rosiemoon Don't ignore possibilities. Too many times there are multiple ways to correctly solve the puzzle, but you have to do it the way the designers did. Pay attention designers! Don't ignore the fact that there may be alternate ways to solve the puzzle! Superb!

  •  egoldinvestm656

    egoldinvestm656 Ok Ok but ive found that sometimes i solve the puzzles by the rules and its not theur way so you have to figure it out a different way. Thats quite annoying. And the first 100 puzzles ive found myself struggling to make out the sticks vs the places youre allowed to put the sticks... Easily solved with a dark trim around the matches. Highly Recommend.

  •  tracy881216

    tracy881216 Love it (Edit: I changed it from 4 to 5) I do love this game, however, the reason I gave 4 instead of 5 is because on some of these puzzles there are, indeed, more than 1 solution. I wish the game programming would accommodate for more than 1 solution. Some of the puzzles do just that, but others are strict; I imagine they are strict due to the nature of the specific puzzle itself, but this is frustrating at times. Thank you for this game! And 110% thank you for making it so there are no unnecessary permissions! <3 Enjoy it!

  •  mediaaria

    mediaaria Loved it for sure! Just one thing - i will be adding u developer+game in my blogs soon.. Keep up ur gr8 work! Not bad

  •  gctbjwlkygu

    gctbjwlkygu Really addictive A lot of the time the background music in puzzle apps/games is annoying and I end up muting it, but this one's calm music just lets you relax and think about the solution . Worth it!

  •  jvrtis15

    jvrtis15 Please help! Is there any way that i can get back to the level that i played already. Have a new phone now and can't find way to get back to the last level i played. Please help me, I really like to play this game but I don't wanna start from the beginning again.Thanks Enjoy it!

  •  vuptyx

    vuptyx Definitely addictive I start getting one after the other and end up stuck on one, have to put it done and come back to later. Works perfectly

  •  jonloes

    jonloes Challenging but fun Me and my friend could play this game for hours especially when in class at school Marvelous

  •  lilsweetipie

    lilsweetipie Awesome game But still waiting new episodes Great job

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