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Nouveau jeu de labyrinthe de jouer avec tout le monde dans le monde!

( 369,246 )
Versão: 1.4.3
Tamanho: 8.7M


1vs1 multijoueur et les gens autour du lancement mondial du jeu possible de labyrinthe!

[Caractéristiques du jeu]
- Mode multijoueur: Jouez réseau confrontation 1vs1 en ligne avec des gens partout dans le monde.
- Le mode solo: mode d'étape pour effacer en permanence.
- Problème de difficulté pour 1000.
- Les opérations qui peuvent être n'importe qui.
- Fournir les classements (Leader Board), la performance lors de la connexion à Google plus, supporte le multi-play.
- Support pour les tablettes

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Commentaires à propos de Roi du labyrinthe

  •  clairzheng

    clairzheng Cool I live this game very much I is a stress free game just rocked I live it so much... Marvelous

  •  bethany_194

    bethany_194 Wow!!! This is a game that I play when I kinda feel bored and because if I play it I feel happy and so alive love it really try it love it

  •  bagsclan

    bagsclan Challenging If you're up for a challenge this game is for you it's fun and enjoyable for all ages. Not bad

  •  Drecianks

    Drecianks Annoying Music, but Somewhat Fun This game is somewhat fun, except for the annoying music. I just had to turn the sound off on the side of my phone to play it. The little ladybug is cute and the game has a great way to help people to focus, pay attention, and meet a strategic goal (figuring out the puzzle) . Brilliant

  •  SHkendrick

    SHkendrick Just okay This game fails to amaze me so far. It works on its own. You just move it in a right direction then this bug do the rest for you. Not CHALLENGING my mind at all. You shouldn't give bugs so much ability to think otherwise they will rule our lives. This game is pretty good only if I have that privilege to achieve the target on my own. This bug is very irritating at times. But yeah a kid will surely love this game! Keeping that in mind, I am giving it four stars. Great!

  •  raokat

    raokat Time passer Gives you something to do when you're bored. Easy to use & doesn't require a lot of thinking. Surprisingly

  •  herschelferg820

    herschelferg820 Yay This game is perfect I defeated the maze in 5 seconds at the latest and I am only 8 years old Awesome

  •  1griceKeryCync

    1griceKeryCync So fun Took me a bit to figure out how to control it well, but I love mazes and it's a really great game! Marvelous

  •  weightlossprogram

    weightlossprogram Great slowpoke Very slow so u might have to wait an hour after u finish the game or to hours if u click a button Fabulous!

  •  DummeareNup

    DummeareNup Amazing game! So I downloaded this game a few minutes ago. I'm on level 20 or so! This game is addictive and fun. It's something to play when you want to kill a few minutes. Or half hours. Like I said, addictive but really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Download this app it's so amazing! Fabulous!

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