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Joignez instantanément, et gratuitement, les personnes de votre vie. Messenger, c'est comme les textos, sauf que vous ne devez pas payer pour chaque message (cela fonctionne avec votre forfait de données).

Pas seulement pour les amis Facebook : envoyez des messages aux personnes de votre annuaire téléphonique et entrez simplement un numéro de téléphone pour ajouter un nouveau contact.

Discussions de groupes : créez des groupes pour les personnes avec lesquelles vous échangez le plus de messages. Donnez-leur un nom, attribuez-leur une photo et conservez-les tous au même endroit.

Photos et vidéos : enregistrez des vidéos et prenez des selfies ou d'autres photos directement dans l'application, et envoyez-les d'un seul geste.

Bulles de discussion : continuez votre conversation tout en utilisant d'autres applications.

Appels gratuits : parlez aussi longtemps que vous le voulez, même avec des gens d'autres pays. (Les appels sont gratuits via Wi-Fi. Sinon, des frais de données standard s'appliquent.)

Échangez vos messages de manière originale :
Animez vos conversations avec des autocollants.
Affichez un aperçu des photos et vidéos de votre galerie sans quitter la conversation et choisissez celle que vous voulez envoyer.
Enregistrez des messages vocaux pour en dire plus.

Fonctionnalités supplémentaires :
Recevez des notifications lorsque les gens ont vu vos messages.
Transférez les messages ou les photos aux personnes qui n'ont pas participé à la conversation.
Recherchez des personnes et des groupes pour les contacter rapidement.
Activez la localisation pour indiquer que vous êtes à proximité.
Voyez qui est disponible sur Messenger et qui est actif sur Facebook.
Créez des raccourcis pour accéder à n'importe quelle conversation directement depuis votre écran d'accueil.
Désactivez les notifications lorsque vous travaillez, dormez ou faites une pause.
Restez connecté(e) en permanence pour ne manquer aucun message. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Messenger

  •  TyncPayclecer

    TyncPayclecer Why all the hate?? This app is a quick and easy way to contact people for free it also partners with a popular social network in site so you can speak TO anyone world wide. It is quick to load up and TO receive messages so overall a great app. Muito bom!

  •  vaxAwawinaLic

    vaxAwawinaLic Update: It's Aug. 25th, 2016 and yall can still do better. I wrote this in March! I would like to change the themes, backgrounds & color for my messages. Just mine. the settings don't change when sum1 decideds to change their settings. If my bubble is pink it stays pink in every message i have.Scheduled messages. Being able to block just that person in a group convo without having to block their whole account. Overall, I haven't had any problems with the app. The scary part is that we can now send money. Is this app secure enough to do that? Change any of those, and I will give it a five Awesome

  •  SlosseBek

    SlosseBek Used to be better With the new updates i am unable to share posts from Facebook into a group messenger chat I am in. I only get options to share to individual people. Its very strange as i am able share a tweet or instagram post to a group but never anything from Facebook itself. Enjoy it!

  •  kentcooke

    kentcooke Active Contacts In Messenger Half the time it works and half the time it doesn't! It just keeps loading and loading but fails to show active contacts. Problem is showing up on my phone and tablet. Marvelous

  •  arvadaroofdamage

    arvadaroofdamage Problem help I open messager and sometimes there is no message were i write them and sometimes there is problems useing my phone number cause it has been used for another acoount which is a lie. Great!

  •  creecht

    creecht One question Is it REALLY normal for this app to get chunks of your phone storage?? Because it just REALLY REALLY irritates the crap out of me!!! I can't buy a new phone since they're so EXPENSIVE!!! Fantastic

  •  obikitch

    obikitch Great app I will give this app 5 star if i could search my previous conversation. For example i want to check the conversation last month. It will take time if i'm going to hover all of our past convo. If possible i want to find it instanly by searching the date. Worth it!

  •  Bgadgkafqh

    Bgadgkafqh Voice Recorder Doesn't work I have a brand new Samsung A android tablet, and all my apps are up to date. For some reason, the voice recorder feature doesn't work. When I press the mic icon, it opens the window to record, but when I click that button, or try to hold it down, it just rotates my screen clockwise. Please help!!! I'm working on a very important project and I really need this feature to work. Flawless

  •  kipkmooenf

    kipkmooenf Small glitches App works great overall, but recently I've found that I can no longer paste text into an active chat head. I have to 'open in messenger' to do so. Also, I can't always forward a link or photo to a group chat. Would love to see these features fixed. Works great

  •  nehcliton

    nehcliton Some Ideas Messenger is already good. But I think you should make it great. 1- please make it faster, because now I see a delay between sent and delivered (my connenction is stable).2- Please let us to attach and send files in any format (Telegram let us to send files up to 1.5GB!!!) but at least let us to send 25MB files (like email). 3- let us reply to specific message 4 - it takes a long time for gifs to load 5 - increase voice message quality6-nobody use video call because it has poor quality! Voice call is enough Great!

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