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Minecraft est au sujet de placer des blocs pour construire des choses et aller dans des aventures!

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La mise à jour de l'Ender, notre dernière en date, comprend l'Ender et son cultissime combat contre le boss ultime : le Dragon de l'Ender. Ne ratez pas non plus le tout premier mash-up de cette édition qui ajoute un pack de skins, un pack de textures et un monde festifs.

Explorez des mondes générés aléatoirement et construisez tout ce qui vous passe par la tête, d'un abri de fortune au plus fabuleux des châteaux. Jouez en mode Créatif avec des ressources illimitées, ou creusez jusqu'au centre de la Terre pour fabriquer armes et armures afin de vaincre les dangereuses créatures du mode Survie.

Craftez, créez et explorez seul ou entre amis, sur mobile comme sur Windows 10. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Minecraft: Pocket Edition

  •  cimtrax

    cimtrax No mobs in creative mode and glitches? U guys took the ability to spawn mobs in creative mode away. U can spawn peaceful creature, but not zombies, spiders, endermen, etc. I even traveled to the nether and there were not mobs anywhere. I never play survival mode. Please don't forget about your creative mode players. Also I'm have a glitch where items in creative mode don't show up like they should. Like everything's texture in the picture of the item, looks like an outstretched pumpkin. Cool

  •  TFowler

    TFowler OK I bought this game around three weeks ago for seven euro and it worked great for the first week and a half. However, after that week it stopped opening completely. I cant even go into the game because a black screen comes up every time. The game is very good and I really enjoy it. I would have given a five star rating if this problem hadn't occurred. If my problem is not resolved within the next 2 weeks, I will demand a refund. Thank you. Must have

  •  johnsmith9

    johnsmith9 I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!! I have a couple downsides of the game though. #1 there are no sea temples or guardians like in PC, #2 there are no jungle temples, there are SAND temples but no jungle. #3 there are no charged creepers. And a BIG 1 you cannot go to the end or spawn the whither. Other than that THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!! wow lol

  •  tjsgirlygirl

    tjsgirlygirl Bug on game Minecraft is awesome but one bug for the creators. :Redstone repeaters do not activate two pistons on top of each other. The pulse or power source only goes to what ever block is strait ahead of it not under it so you can't make 2by3 doors or fall traps. Well done!!

  •  andyblara5

    andyblara5 Issues I love Minecraft but with the update came a very annoying issue. I continue to be kicked off of my game. It's frustrating to have to continuously go back into the game every few minutes. I hope this problem is solved soon so that I can enjoy playing again. <-- This problem was fixed but has resurfaced as of the most recent upgrade. Great!

  •  gnrymr

    gnrymr Absolutely Love It I've had tons of issues with this game not working but everything seems to have been fixed... well except for those random holes in the world. other than that I love this game. I spend lots of time creating worlds and coming up with back stories for them. that or just messing around and testing my creativity Worth it!

  •  riduan1369

    riduan1369 Whaaaat? Great game. Definitely worth every single penny. But.... can you add more? There is a ton of stuff already, but here are some quick suggestions... The End, the Ender Dragon, the Wither Boss and Ender Pearls. Please add some of these for 5 stars! Pretty good

  •  riduan69

    riduan69 One Complaint I have only one complaint about this app, when I tap the screen to place a block, the screen turns, like your vision from the caracter moves. It's not bad for say 1 block, but when you're placing a line of blocks, with each block it moves a little and in only a few seconds, you're looking at the wrong block. I notice this only happens on certain devices, it's not a problem on my tablet but it is on my phone, but it wasn't on previous phone's I've owned. Please fix this Mojang, it's really annoying. Go well

  •  bwinstead

    bwinstead One of the best games I ever played. Doesn't matter if it's on the XBox, Pc, Console, or mobile device, Minecraft is always a thing. I also found a glitch: If you take a cake or those sunlight detectors, orrrr End portal frames,surround it in glass, then the glass will be invisible on the opposite side of the players position. ( You will be able to see it, it's glass.) Great job

  •  FreedomIQ

    FreedomIQ Takes up so much space, but still such an amazing game love it and what's the point of realms? It's just like a normal world but with more players and no wifi. There is also this glitch where you occasionally see oak trees with only half of the tree, please fix it! No biggie but still. Works perfectly

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