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Le plus fou, addictif & AMUSANT basé sur la physique jeu de course jamais fait.

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Le jeu de course utilisant les lois de la physique le plus fou, le plus addictif et le plus FUN jamais créé.

- Améliorez votre truck et progressez au classement.
- Affrontez vos amis et montrez-leur qui est le meilleur.
- Des tonnes de circuits et de véhicules dont le Gros cul, un char et le Muscle classique.

MMX Hill Climb est la suite explosive du succès massif qu'est MMX Racing. Téléchargez-le et jouez dès aujourd'hui. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de MMX Hill Climb

  •  ElenaTauler

    ElenaTauler Literally cant get the trophy truck Been playing snow big air for about 4 hours in the apc and i run out of fuel about 20ft short of the finish. Literally everything i have tried doesnt work. Apc is fully maxed out also. Would be 5/5 if you could get the trophy truck without spending money wow lol

  •  mela9mabry

    mela9mabry It would be better if there was an ad after every single race. I don't mind one every once and a while but the same damn ad after every race is really annoying Perfect!

  •  kbjohnson

    kbjohnson Blowing up so easily has to be the most annoying thing ever. I shouldn't want to throw my phone across the room when playing a game, but this one sure brought me to that point. Edit, after spending a few hours, and getting a different vehicle, I was able to make a little headway. I guess it would be boring if there weren't roads falling out from under you, running out of fuel, and crazy obstacles, like campers and big beach balls. I give it 5 stars now, on graphics and playability. The adds aren't terrible. Just wow

  •  princetonelectrical

    princetonelectrical Nice game! Except the bugged achievements (Ghost Hunter & Ghost Buster) & major grind you have to do to change the car color, everything else looks nice & funn with amazing graphics. The achievements problem i have is related to the 2 achieves left to get: (Beat 10 & 20 Hutch ghosts). I have over 40 Hutch ghosts defeated!!! This was for me, uninstalled! Perfect

  •  twins124

    twins124 Great racing / jumping / bouncing game Many hours of fun. Tons of upgrades available. Physics of trucks and cars and flight make racing challenging. I feel bad for David Hutch though. He always has the slowest time. Marvelous

  •  toshie

    toshie Nice game! Except the bugged achievemnts & major grind/farming you have to do to change car color, everything else is nice and funn with amazing graphics! Surprisingly

  •  Bknal1207

    Bknal1207 Great free game I'm camping atm and with the download only being 60 meg I was able to get it over mobile data and it's pretty good fun. Note that it is free and so there are video adverts but i didn't mind them 4 out of five stars great fun and argue rewarding but nothings perfect. Muito bom!

  •  graceve

    graceve A fun, simple game, yet hard to master This is the kind of game I like: challenging. Yes I had to farm the city:marathon map to upgrade my vehicles but it was to be able to beat other levels! The game is stable, doesn't make my phone heat up, and keeps me distracted on my daily commute :) well done guys 5 star

  •  debtvegas

    debtvegas Challenging but flawed Would give 5 stars if it wasn't so hard to get new vehicles. It's super easy to upgrade your Just wow

  •  careerinstituteny

    careerinstituteny Way too many ads! The ads happen too often and are really long. Would enjoy it much better if they happened less often or were shorter ads. Amazing!

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