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Epic War

Le monde de l'est le plus grand MMO avec le plus grand héros d'action, Arnold Schwarzenegger!

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Mobile Strike est un nouveau jeu d'action haletant. En pleine guerre moderne, construisez votre base, dirigez les hostilités et formez des troupes d'élite qui livreront bataille en votre nom !

Débloquez des véhicules offensifs sophistiqués, commandez de puissantes armées et mobilisez tout votre savoir-faire tactique face à des adversaires du monde entier dans ce MMO à l'échelle planétaire !

✔Rejoignez des millions de joueur du monde entier
✔ Forgez des alliances puissantes avec des joueurs d'élite pour combattre de puissants ennemis
✔ Bâtissez et personnalisez votre base
✔ Engagez-vous sur le champ de bataille avec des machines de guerre démentes pour rassembler des articles et de l'expérience
✔Entraînez, développez et donnez vos ordres avec une puissance de feu supérieure
✔Utilisez des véhicules de combat, de l'artillerie et des unités stratégiques modernes
✔Commandez 16 types de troupes intégrant 4 niveaux militaires différents

Ressentez l'adrénaline des combats et des conquêtes dans le vaste monde multijoueur de Mobile Strike.

Unissez vos forces avec de puissants joueurs pour créer des alliances mondiales et conquérir les territoires ennemis dans le monde immersif de Mobile Strike!

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Commentaires à propos de Mobile Strike

  •  submitascompde

    submitascompde Game crashes Good time killer but cant get anywhere unless you spend a fortune. The game crashes multiple times a day. Research and building times are absolutely ridiculous Well done!!

  •  protocoltechs

    protocoltechs OK I guess The game uses cheap marketing tactics to draw you in same as every other time consuming base builder game just military themed... Makes it look like the game play is fun and action packed but you just stare at an idle base waiting for stuff to build 3/5 Works perfectly

  •  Glully

    Glully Expensive to play and lots of game issues. They should ease up on advertising their expensive packs and fix constant, ongoing issues with the game itself.. But I guess their more into filling the own wallets Great!

  •  keralatourismpackage

    keralatourismpackage Mobil strike War orientated if you really want to stop WAR don't sell or push it.what would they do if somebody thru a war and nobody came! Think;children (yours or theirs) god(whatever you perceive) nuff said thank you for your time. Semper Fi BOB FLETCHER. Great job

  •  carolynhalona

    carolynhalona Great game except you have to spend a lot of money to advance. Wish they would bring down the prices on crates. Enjoy it!

  •  Monika2414

    Monika2414 Decent It's ok because u can't do online I wanted to play with my friend but it didn't let me Fantastic

  •  ujrvbkblwm

    ujrvbkblwm Great at first... Was great at first when the State was young and everyone was kind of on even power levels. Then some spent their way to reduculous power and the fun ended. Once you hit a certain level the only way to advance is to spend money. Constant in your face attempts to make you spend. wow lol

  •  heenachandwani08

    heenachandwani08 Help!!!! I can't login is there. It says I'm using the wrong email. I've tried everything. Does any one know how to reset email and password if I don't know the original email I set my mobile strike account up with?????? Brilliant

  •  salcidoroof

    salcidoroof Worth the effort Great game, nice people playing and very easy to play. Yes buying in game extras helps but you don't necessarily need to. Definitely worth a look and the longer you play the better it gets. 5 star

  •  nobrain

    nobrain Fun but costly It takes time to build your base and I also see that it takes a lot of money out of your bank account if you wish to get anywhere. But nevertheless the game is fun. Just don't become a mobile strike attic. Surprisingly

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