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Écran Moto vous donne toutes les informations nécessaires quand vous en avez besoin, le tout sans sortir de veille. Les informations s'affichent discrètement à l'écran pour vous permettre de regarder l'heure et de consulter vos notifications sans avoir à activer l'écran.

Faites glisser votre doigt vers la gauche ou la droite pour afficher plusieurs notifications.

Consultez les informations de plus de trois notifications à la fois et accédez directement à chacune d'entre elles.

Consultez la date et l'heure ou le niveau de batterie. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
ecran moto glissiere, ecran casque moto

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Commentaires à propos de Écran Moto

  •  rhodder88r

    rhodder88r No longer wakes screen Was great until most recent update. Now it does not wake the screen upon movement OR when I take phone out of pocket. Please fix as it was great before! On 3rd gen moto g. Thanks. Phone build # LPl23.72-32-S.28.5 Marvelous

  •  artexathy

    artexathy Why isn't this on every Android phone? It's not perfect (for example, music notification actions don't make sense) but once you get used to it, it's hard to live without. Brilliant

  •  ogreslayer

    ogreslayer Notification display The notification display only stays on for a few seconds, it would be better if it stayed on for longer so you can take in all the information. Two seconds is just not long enough. Perfect!

  •  CindyMarchant

    CindyMarchant Awesome! The only problem is when receiving notifications from Hangouts or Messenger, contacts circle icon doesn't always show up.

  •  calebgavinn

    calebgavinn Constantly lighting up I'm currently in my dark bedroom watching the clock display and lock circle turn on and off in and endless loop. Even with no new notifications, the screen is constantly waking itself up, slowly pulsing on and off as if there was a notification pending. I know it stays off in my pocket, as covering up the upper sensors will force the screen to stay dark. I really like this feature but having the screen endlessly light up convinced me to just disable it for now. Moto X 2014

  •  amywtmz

    amywtmz Incredible, simply love it. Wish all phones would take after its design, and be rid of notification lights giving off different confusing patterns to differentiate notifications.

  •  musinglove

    musinglove One suggestion Would be to add some music controls as well. Most of the time I reach for my phone is to change tracks and it would be convenient to have that right at the active display screen.

  •  rp3groups417

    rp3groups417 Very fantastic. Would be nice to have music control Great notification system. I never want to use normal lock screen, which i s why I'd love a permanent notification whenever playing music to control music app from moto display.

  •  mia123l

    mia123l Really like it! Very easy to use. And very helpful where I don't have to touch my phone. Then to select what apo you want to open to from the display is cool. Only thing I find annoying is that the time lights up intermittently. So kind of defeats the purpose of hovering over the sensors?

  •  ordinynen

    ordinynen Very good but can become better Waiting to see how they can make it better as the new Android L update has a newer notification system. Recommend to get Moto Display APK

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