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Roulez à pleine vitesse dans le trafic

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یکی از بهترین بازی‌های موتورسواری پیش روی شماست! موتور و راننده آن را انتخاب کنید و باسرعت برانید، موتور خود را به درستی کنترل کنید تا به سایر وسایل نقلیه برخورد نکنید و در دو حالت روز و شب به مسابقه بپردازید. ویژگی‌ها: - دو حالت مختلف بازی - موتورهای گوناگون - ترافیک واقعی - موانع متحرک و ثابت - گرافیک سه بعدی جذاب - موسیقی جالب Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Moto Traffic Race

  •  txqcjfrrasi

    txqcjfrrasi Simple biking. Neat and snappy game. Feels nice to play a quick ride. Simple and easy game controls. Sometimes the game feels like ride bike on real traffic. Pretty good

  •  Flongeunlob

    Flongeunlob Cool and great graphics. Cool bikes then good graphics riders are also so good I like this game too much. Brilliant

  •  tqvmkh

    tqvmkh Spider Jack First I used to think that this game is boring but now I think this game is nine Good

  •  vkqlwdiv

    vkqlwdiv Moto traffic race This is fun but sometimes it can get annoying because u can't do it,and it also can get hard.You should get this game ! Enjoy it!

  •  eric12

    eric12 Like When we are playing and we have many coins the option of choosing bike didn't open Works great

  •  Dateahotcougar

    Dateahotcougar Eron Loved the game. Were you pick you're bike I love the music but I only put 3 stars because the motorbike sounds like a fart. Lol Go well

  •  LypeNeersiste

    LypeNeersiste Interesting But Overall its Good but it could be better like there should be Racing,time limit levels etc... Keep it up Brilliant

  •  andystreakz

    andystreakz Great time killer! Thanks for updating and fixing the crash problem so fast. Back to 5 stars you go! Marvelous

  •  prowaydevelopment

    prowaydevelopment Nice but..... This game is quite fascinating but there r some problems.first there r less bikes. Two in one of the pics it was show there is a girrafe In a truck, it actually isnt nd I think there should be missions an races so guys if u improve thumbs up if u dont fine but pls do... 5 star

  •  aadesignbuild

    aadesignbuild Fab Fab fan fab Fabulous!

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