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Voitures course de côte Race est un jeu basé sur la physique 2D. Course et monter beaucoup de montagnes avec votre voiture. Faire des figures acrobatiques ou de temps d'antenne pour gagner des pièces et passer les mettre à niveau votre voiture. Essayez d'aller aussi loin que vous le pouvez et atteindre le sommet de la colline. Conduire et monter à travers différents scénarios. Changer votre voiture et obtenir une nouvelle expérience de jeu.
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- Différents scénarios.
- Beaucoup de voitures.
- Grande physique 2d.
- Beaucoup de colline escalade plaisir!

Cars Hill Climb Race is a 2D physics-based game. Race and climb lots of mountains with your car. Make flips or air-time to earn coins and spend them upgrading your car. Try to go as far as you can and reach the top of the hill. Drive and climb throughout different scenarios. Change your car and get a new gaming experience.
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- Different scenarios.
- Lots of cars.
- Great 2d physics.
- Lots of hill climbing fun! Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Mountain Car Climb

  •  TMC_Financing

    TMC_Financing I liked it but So many pop ups on screen. And also it's giving me a virus in my device, so please remove it and I'll try to give you 5 stars when you're improving it. So thanks for the feedback I hope you'll fix it! Thanks again!

  •  parishiltonbags

    parishiltonbags Kids love My kids play this game and they love it thank god they have these games for free cuz my kids switch their games every day and this game is easy for my 4 yr old so I don't have to help her all the time I show her once and that's it Great!

  •  gzbydo

    gzbydo Cars Hill Clime Race Changed my phone, this is my 3rd one in 6 months. Warranty problems and my scores didn't TRANSFER --not happy with that! !!!!!!! Good

  •  Lili123n

    Lili123n Plagiarism at its best I really don't know how they can get away with making a carbon copy of Fingersoft's Hill Climb Racing. All they did was put a fresh coat of paint over it. It's nice, but ads are way too intrusive, and it's just not as challenging as the original Hill Climb Racing. Also the original Hill Climb Racing loads almost immediately. This app has long load times between plays. Pretty good

  •  Inhakixincuck

    Inhakixincuck Never playing this game again I was on the game and it was loading in 5 seconds my phone turned off and I couldn't trun it back on Omg

  •  SalesQuill

    SalesQuill Tracks too short I really started to enjoy this game with the maxed out semi, but I cleared all the available tracks and have nothing more to conquer. Worth a go!

  •  royceleach37

    royceleach37 Hassan Alizadeh (Toup,As.)= Nice, if this game,the first game mr hill cllimb,very very thrill and .ice .thanks Superb!

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