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Tu n'as jamais vu un jeu comme ça!

Observe ce qui va se passer quand tu vas peupler une île. Tu peux créer des abris uniques en aménageant le paysage et en positionnant tes créatures. Tu peux baptiser, nourrir et rendre tes monstres heureux. Chacun d'entre eux a sa propre personnalité. Ce sera une expérience de jeu et musique géniale; une expérience inédite grâce à cette technologie innovante.

• 100 et plus espèces de monstres pour collectionner, aimer, élever et nourrir
• Art, animation et effets sonores géniaux
• Îles luxuriantes, chacune d'elles ayant son propre thème
• Un tas de bâtiments et d'articles de décoration
• Possibilité de créer des paysages et des combinaisons sonores uniques
• Son 3D
• Plus de monstres, plus d'îles et plus de musique bientôt

"One of the most intriguing and unique games of the fall to date."
USA Today

"Toe-tapping charm and gravelly songs are worthy of endless encores"

"Pretty darned cool"
148 APPS

"A must try game"

"The creativity of layering monsters and the animation is what makes this worth your time"

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REMARQUE : My Singing Monsters est un jeu gratuit ; cependant, certains éléments du jeu peuvent être achetés contre de l'argent réel. Si vous ne souhaitez pas utiliser cette fonction, veuillez désactiver les achats via l'application depuis les paramètres de votre appareil. Une connexion d’Internet (3G ou WiFi) est requise pour jouer My Singing Monsters. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de My Singing Monsters

  •  StandwithSteve

    StandwithSteve I love it I love it so much but there's too many ads for the ads if you guys can add some money in for every ad that we watch then that would be a lot better and update the game to add some more monsters in but it's still really really really fun!!!!! My favorite island is the Earth island because I like the rock guys and I like the air Island guitar guys they sound really really really cool and also add some more Islands in because I would like to hear some more sounds that the Monsters can make thank you so much I appreciate that!!!!! If wondering it is Ryan lambdin that is my name thank you! love it

  •  dayloapydroro

    dayloapydroro I love this game I'm so addicted2MSM! I would recommend it to everyone of all ages. The best advice I have is to have patience and enjoy the game! If you don't have patience you can pay for it in cold hard cash! But while it's good to support the game and those who work hard to bring us this quality game you can play without emptying you bank account. Love these Singing Monsters! Thank you so much guys, MissyB Superb!

  •  nextonweb

    nextonweb It's a good app, could be a great app though. The game is fun once your level is high enough, but there are some niggles. First being the breeding odds for special events, and in general. For example, there's a Smoochle event going on now, and I've been breeding with all 10 torches lit since the event started. So far not even one success. And second, the lack of beds. There should be a rare island of something, because completionists can't have one of each monster, and their rare counterpart due to the lack of beds. It's as I said in the title. Perfect!

  •  VitaMillion

    VitaMillion I Love it! A request though... I love the game, I admit it, lol. But, when it comes to decorating your island, it's hard to get everything even with each other which really gets on my nerves... There's a solution to this! If you guys add an editing system where we can enable a grid, we can place down things more efficiently and evenly!!! Recommend

  •  TransglobalExpress

    TransglobalExpress Ok, this is getting ridiculous Any offer to get free diamonds that promises a number of diamonds higher than 1 won't work, it doesn't how many times, when I complete it, or how long I wait, the only working offers are ones that give out 1 diamond. Seriously? Would have been a 5 star rating. Not bad

  •  NdTruuu74

    NdTruuu74 Review just for Dipster Update Just wasted gems because of new button placement, so very unhappy about that. However, my bigger problem is that not all of my monsters are showing up in my breeding machine, making it impossible to breed the monsters that I need to advance in the game. I loved the game before. Couldn't get enough. Just waiting for the day you fix the problems with this update so I can change my review. It would have been 5 stars without my current problems. Worth a go!

  •  rewardszeek56

    rewardszeek56 I enjoy it! I found it to be fun and addicting. However, I found that the better monsters, like the Ghazts, cost WAY too many gems, and are practically impossible to breed. I myself have had no problems with most monsters involving gems, though, as I can just breed them. I highly recommend this game if you're patient enough to wait 48 hours for that special monster :) Great job

  •  Kedar555

    Kedar555 Fun and addicting but the new update is bad... The new update is not good. The new select buttons stink and if you are not careful, it will trick you into wasting gems. The new dipsters do not work correctly (no movement) and the new keys are way too expensive and take too long to gift. I use to give it 5 stars and now I won't unless they fix this mess. Still, I enjoy playing this silly game. If you are patient, you can play without spending real money... Works great

  •  aplews

    aplews Good. But could use less greed over all enjoyable game.wish tapjoy worked smoother on it! & less greed when it come's to dimands if I invite a friend to play a game I expect to get well over 2 to 3 dimands for that because the potential profit the app could make is more then 1 to 2 dimands in value Perfect

  •  yamatchy

    yamatchy Still love it I played this game first at my ps vita and played for almost 2 years but all my progress was gone when my ps vita broke, but i didn't know that this game is available at the playstore, now im playing it again, oh well i just have to start over wow lol

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